School Lunch Improvement

An iEngage Project Demanding That Cafeterias Step Up Their Game

July 16, 2013
by brookeblevins

My Reflection

Six students entering the 8th Grade researched and produced this project.  Here is what they have to say!


Cate: It was really fun to find out all the facts about my school food. The school cafeteria has really unappetizing food. Researching this topic has made me really want to change my school lunch now. There are so many people out there trying to change  school food systems and I hope that  I can help too.


David: I thoroughly enjoyed researching this topic and realizing the massive need for healthier school lunches. I hope I can make a positive impact on cafeteria lunches.


Hannah:It was really interesting to learn more about how school food is made and how bad it is for you! I really hope to make a difference in how schools serve their food!


Holly:I think it was really interesting and fun doing research on this topic. I hope it really works at schools around the area. Hopefully it makes a positive difference and impact on the schools!


Michael: School lunches are very important because of the nutritional values.


Richard:I got to film the video and I think I did a really good job, just not a perfect job at it. I think that we can make a difference at school lunch problems.