School Lunch Improvement

An iEngage Project Demanding That Cafeterias Step Up Their Game

The Issue

The Issue:

It’s becoming more evident that when students sit down to eat the food served by their school cafeteria, they join a growing crisis in our country.  A study coming from the University of Michigan has reported that over 50% of children’s meals get processed before they are served, meaning that more often than not fruits and vegetables are not on the menu.  Such unhealthy options are putting 29% of school children on the path to obesity, reports the NY Times, and the percentage is only increasing.


The Solution:

It’s time for students to take charge of the situation!  Our foundation is working to bring more gardens schools so fruits and vegetables can be served at a reduced cost.  To raise awareness about the poor quality of our food, we are encouraging students to help us celebrate BRING YOUR LUNCH TO SCHOOL WEEK (September 9 – September 13).  By bringing healthier foods on our own, we can show our schools what makes us smile most in the cafeteria.



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