Roof Over Strays

An iEngage Student Project

July 16, 2013
by brookeblevins
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My Reflection

Day Two

Name three things that you learned today.

Tomaray: Three branches of government, microchips for animals, and the T.L.O vs. New Jersey case.

Elizabeth: I learned to use facts in an argument, what a warrant is, and what people do in courtrooms.

What makes a good argument?

Elizabeth: Facts, correct information, and to use past cases.

Why is it important that citizens understand effective argumentation?

Andrew: If you become a lawyer.

Aiden: So if you go into court you know what to do.


Day Three

What are three things that you learned today?

Elizabeth: I learned how a bill becomes a law, about the legeslative branch, that congressmen have a lot of responsibilities.

Kaylee: That animals need help and bills are important.

What does it mean to be an active citizen (advocate)?

Isabella: Help out by making a PSA.

What are some ways you can be active in your community as a young person?

Elizabeth: I can put up posters of animal shelters.

Kaylee: I can give food to animals.