Poverty Around the World

An iEngage Student Project

August 14, 2013
by michellesolomon

Wednesday, August 14

I learned many things today, but one of the things that really stuck out to me was learning about the legislative branch. I am also helping my group find pictures of people in poverty it is really depressing but it helps for me to know that we can do something! Camp has helped me become an active citizen or an advocate.



I learned that Bill Flores has met the president several times. I also learned that to pass a law is very difficult. Lastly, I learned that getting everyone on iCivics to agree to my laws is a hard task. To be an advocate, you are involved in changing the community for the good. iEngage has helped me to become an activist and realize just how much help our world needs. I can be active in my community as a child to volunteer and spread awareness about serious issues that would require help from a group. My favorite part of today was playing iCivics.

~Ashley ūüôā

I learned how to pass a bill on Law Craft, a fun computer game.¬† I also learned that if I send a logical letter to the senator it might become a law.¬† I learned that to help beat poverty, I can do a lot of things from helping feed the homeless, to donating at Goodwill.¬† My favorite thing today was meeting Rep. Bill Flores, we both liked airplanes, which surprised me because I didn’t know that.


Today I learned how hard it is to pass a bill, by playing an online game on icivics.org. I also learned how hard it is to write a script for a video. The camp Skyped with Bill Flores, the U.S. rep. for Waco. I also learned that every 3.5 seconds someone dies because of poverty, thats like 25,000 people every day.

-Cassady (;

August 13, 2013
by michellesolomon

Tuesday, August 13

We learned that one person dies of hunger every 3 and a half seconds.  We also learned that more than half the people in the world are in poverty.  We learned about the case of TLO vs. New Jersey.  What one could put in their argument to earn more points is mention other cases that relate to your case.  It is important to understand effective argumentation so that one can solve problems more easily.  What I liked about today was the games.

By Addie


Today at iEngage we learned that the poverty rate in Texas is increasing very rapidly, and that it is not a lack of crops that keeps people starving, but the lack of money. We also went into the court room at the law school and argued about the TLO vs. New Jersey case with actual judges. A good argument should have facts from actual past cases and the Constitution of the United States, more specifically, the Bill of Rights. It is important that citizens understand effective argumentation because this could help us not only in the court, but also in our regular life to make justice. I enjoyed arguing a case in front of the judges and learning more about the court system. I also liked playing Argument Wars on iCivics.

By Haeun

August 12, 2013
by michellesolomon

Monday, August 12

Our group chose poverty as our topic,when choosing this topic we went through a lot of other topics that related to poverty . Some of are topics were child abuse, animal abuse, Africa needing water, and homeless people. Poverty is a very serious thing that lots of people go through poverty every day. We found that 25,000 people die from poverty every day. We are all very excited about learning about poverty tomorrow.

By: Jada Middleton