Hope for the Homeless: Send Em Home

An iEngage Student Project

July 16, 2013
by brookeblevins
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My Reflection

Group 5 Reflections for 8.13.13

Saphiana: Today we talked about making good arguments. An argument is a statement that has support from evidence. It is important that citizens understand effective argumentation so they can protect their rights.

Lauren Kate: My favorite thing about today was doing the mock trial for the court case New Jersey vs. TLO. Our group, the petitioners on the side for TLO, won today’s case even though New Jersey won in the real case.

Marisol: As a response to some reflection questions:

1. Name three things you learned today.

A. How a case would be argued in court

B. How to be a good lawyer

C. I learned the difference between evidence and claim

2. What makes a good argument?

You have to have good evidence and good reasoning. You have to know what you are talking about in order to defend your client.

3. Why is it important that citizens understand effective argumentation?

It is important because that way you know what your case is about and you can use your knowledge against the other team to win.

Carter: Today we learned about the fourth amendment and needing a warrant to search someone’s items.

Noelia: My favorite part about today was going to court and acting as part of a real play. I found out that even if you’re working on the same case as someone else, everyone has different opinions. If you are not making any sense then people won’t be on your side and vote in the way that you want them to.

Group Reflections for 8.12.13

Marisol: Today I learned that it is hard to be homeless and in a position where you don’t have anything. I know that I can make a difference with this problem and that we have a responsibility to help homeless people. My favorite part of today was looking for pictures of homeless people and shelters in the Waco area.

Carter: I filled out the reflection sheet (p. 20 of the iengage book) and these are my answers:

Three things I learned today are…Veterans are sometimes homeless, JFK was in the Bay of Pigs War, homeless people use shopping carts to hold their stuff.

What have you learned about the issue today…Some homeless people are homeless because of drugs/cigars, but that isn’t true for everyone.

Do you think you can make a difference in your community? How?…raise awareness in Waco.

Emily: I learned a lot today at camp. I learned how to play iCivics and about the problem with the homeless and how I can help. I found out that 3 million people in the U.S. are homeless and that I can help with this problem in my town by fundraising, sending letters to the news, going on the radio.

Hayoung: After we chose an issue today, I wanted to find out some statistics about homelessness in Waco. The lowest poverty rating in parts of the city of Waco are 3.5%. The highest poverty rate in part of Waco is 79.2%. I can help homeless people in Waco by volunteering at Mission Waco serving food and stacking food.

Lauren Kate: My favorite part of today was definitely playing Activate on iCivics. It helped me learn about what I can do to make a difference in my city. Since our groups decided to talk about homelessness, I figured out through playing the game and doing research that giving money and support, and raising awareness are the best ways to help my community.