Hope for the Homeless: Send Em Home

An iEngage Student Project

The Issue

A homeless person is someone who does not have a shelter to spend the night in. The homeless are: hungry, tired, andneedy.

Our evidence:

The Economy Impacts the Homeless

Q: How does homelessness and the economy relate?

A: It is like a cycle. The taxes would be raised to pay for the homelessness needs. When the taxes are raised people will be unhappy, they will not pay taxes or they won’t be able to, and end up homeless because of that.

Q: How does the government help the homeless?

A: The government helps by providing public housing, but with that money being used to support people, America goes further into debt. So by putting, or helping homeless people through school and getting them a job we can help homelessness and America.

Residents with income below the poverty level in 2009:

Waco: 39.0%
Whole state: 22.7%

Residents with income  below 50% of the poverty level in 2009:

Waco: 15.4%
Whole state: 7.2%

Read more: http://www.city-data.com/poverty/poverty-Waco-Texas.html#ixzz2bscoZPbB

1. The city manager, Larry Groth,  endorsed a 10-year plan called “Opening Doors, Unlocking Potential” to end chronic homelessness in 2004.

2. The safety and attractiveness of our community is affected by the homeless who are left on the streets, which effects tourism and people who are visiting Waco.

3. The city of Waco is trying to prevent the issue of homelessness from becoming larger by providing pinformation about homelessness and the bad circumstances within the city by advertising .

Analysis: Through our research, our group has decided that the City of Waco is not doing enough to end the problem of homelessness. The city’s main goals revolve around raising awareness of homelessness through Poverty Simulation (done by Mission Waco) and the Waco Tribune-Herald writing articles about homelessness. However, our group thinks that though the city’s efforts to raise awareness are good, Waco is not doing enough to actually stop homelessness.

What We Want You To Do: Go to the Take Action page to find out more details.

To give hope to the homeless we should  show the homeless respect and get involved with  local organizations to help end homelessness.

Some organizations that are already helping out include:

Mission Waco and the Salvation Army.

Our sources for this information are as follows:

8.13.13 http://www.kwtx.com/ourtown/communities/waco/headlines/Waco-Mission-Waco-Releases-Statistics-For-Its-Community-Outreach-195051601.html