Racial Prejudice

An iEngage Student Project

The Issue of Racial Prejudice in Our Community

Racial prejudice is a very prominent issue in the United States. Racial prejudice is WRONG and needs to stop.



According to CNN, lawmakers say that racial prejudice will NOT stop with making laws. It’s up to us.

13% of the US population is African-American. 14% do commit drug related crimes, but 37% are charged. This is racial profiling.

Latinos and African-Americans are 50% more likely to get pulled over by the police.

In 2010, the US sentencing commission said that sentences for African-Americans 10% longer than whites with the same crimes.

“In 1998, a Colorado teacher, Barb Vogel read a newspaper article to her fifth grade class about Sudanese slave children and they raised 22,000 dollars to free the slaves.” We can do something.


How to Help:

We can help this issue by spreading awareness and wearing orange bracelets which is the color of racial equality.