Midnight Rescue Team

By Maggie Malone

Recently, I joined up with an unofficial student group called “The Whatever” to impact the Baylor campus with a kindness challenge called #arkweek2015. It was a great chance to step out of my dorm, make some new friends, and shower my campus with love and kindness by completing different challenges.

One of the highlights of the week, though, was Thursday night, where a group of us banded together around midnight to encourage those studying in the library. We divided into two teams: Team Delivery, and Team Propaganda.

Team Delivery loaded up into cars and acquired dozens of fresh tortillas from Taco Cabana, meanwhile, Team Propaganda went ahead to the library to create encouraging notes that would be passed around with the tortillas.

After all the prep was complete, my little group of four disappeared into the crowded basement of the library, and handed out the warm snack and cute little notes. It was great to see the reactions of the exhausted students, some surprised, and then absolutely delighted, as a delicious tortilla and a note was placed into their hands.

The Midnight Rescue Team mission was a success, and it brought us closer together, as well as perked up some of our fellow students. Although I was exhausted by the end, my heart was happy and my spirit was overflowing with cheer.

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2 thoughts on “Midnight Rescue Team

  1. This is an awesome idea! It sounds like a fun group to be a part of! Way to encourage! Baylor is so special because of the precious students who care for one another! #sicemtortillas

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