7 Traditions All Baylor Freshmen Should Know About

By Maggie Malone

With the recent announcing of awards for Baylor’s annual Sing participants, another great tradition has once again come to a close. In addition to Sing, there are so many great traditions to experience here.

Sing1. All University Sing Teams from Greek organizations compete in Broadway-style performances complete with their own themes, song choices, and costumes. Hours and hours of work are poured into each act. The one exception to mostly-Greek teams is called Sing Alliance, a group made up of any student who wants to participate in Sing. Tickets sell out fast so be sure you buy early!

Christmas2. Christmas on 5th Street Christmas at Baylor! This event happens right before finals week, and it is a good opportunity to chill with friends, sip some hot chocolate and enjoy the lights on campus. Also, there are talented choirs that perform, carriage rides, a live nativity, fantastic petting zoo and the annual tree lighting!


3. Baylor Line One of the major experiences of being a freshman at Baylor! While wearing your personalized gold jersey, you and the rest of the freshmen run through the stadium before every home football game and line up to welcome the Baylor Bears onto the field. And by this I mean that there is a mad dash of hundreds of freshmen pouring onto the field. Right afterwards, the Line is able to enjoy fantastic seats … right behind the visitors’ bench! Sadly, because I perform with the marching band, I have never gotten to experience this tradition. But how do you join this esteemed Line of glory? You attend …

images-64. Line Camp Yes, we have Line Camp! And while it’s not mandatory for freshmen to attend, I highly, highly recommend it. You get to learn not only about the Line, but also about the rich history of Baylor University. You get to make your first friends at Baylor while having tons of fun. Hint: They have an amazing slip and slide.


5. Dr Pepper Hour Every Tuesday in Barfield Drawing Room, Baylor serves up some delicious Dr Pepper floats! These floats are a nice cold treat, especially in the summertime when it gets really hot outside. Besides it being a great meet-up for friends, sometimes there are tables lined up featuring activities, clubs, study abroad information, and more! Bonus, you may even spot our president, Judge Ken Starr, and our mascot, Bruiser!


Mass Meeting

6. Freshman Mass Meeting This late night tradition during homecoming week is an important part of the Baylor experience. Freshmen gather together to listen to the story of the Immortal 10, some of Baylor’s finest students. I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s a great one. Afterwards, freshmen then go to help prepare what will become one of the greatest bonfires you will ever see. 


7. Diadeloso Ah, spring. Season of new life, warmer weather (hopefully), and Diadeloso! Meaning “day of the bear” in Spanish, and affectionately called “Dia” by Baylor students, this day off from school is a great chance to take a break from life and just have fun. It’s a university-wide holiday, which gives students the chance to hang out, go on a day trip, or just have a good time on campus. Baylor usually brings in cool shows to entertain as well. Last year we had an exotic petting zoo, a talented magician, and, at the end of the day, NEEDTOBREATHE. Grab your Dia tank and get out into that sunshine!


I’ve only listed seven, but, as Baylor is an old university, we have plenty more traditions old and new to enjoy!

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