Waco’s Best Restaurants

By Michael Allen

After growing up outside of the big city of Dallas, I was shocked at the restaurant selection in Waco. I have never been much of a chain restaurant kind of person, and it seemed like all Waco had to offer were average chain restaurants! However, after meeting older students during my freshman year, I quickly found out that Waco has many great and low cost restaurants.

Pic 2The first restaurant I have to brag on, which is only located in Waco, is George’s Restaurant. George’s offers a large menu, great “comfort food” and a fun atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if you order a chicken fried steak or a burger; you are guaranteed to leave George’s full and satisfied. My favorite item on the menu is the baked potato covered in fried chicken and queso. It’s not the healthiest item on the menu, but as long as you visit the Student Life Center (SLC) afterwards, you won’t have any regrets!

These next two restaurants I am going to group together, because they are both hole-in-the-wall burger restaurants. The first one is called Dubl-R Burgers, which is far down 17th street. It is definitely a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, because from the outside, you would almost be afraid to walk in. However, when you do, it almost looks like an old diner. There are booths along one wall and a short bar that overlooks the grills and the cooks. Every employee is very friendly and helps make the restaurant seem like a welcoming environment. Of course, the thing to order here is the burger and fries. They also offer a variety of shakes. The other hole-in-the-wall burger restaurant in Waco is called Kitok. It is located a little closer to Baylor than Dubl-R, but it is still on the same road. The thing that sets Kitok apart from Dubl-R is its oriental fries, which are a mix of real fries, onion rings and fried vegetables. They are a delicious in addition to one of its burgers. Both restaurants are affordable and always busy, which in my eyes are two good things!

Pic 1

A great breakfast restaurant in Waco is Café Cappuccino. There are two locations and a guaranteed wait on any weekend morning. While the service is not always the best because they are so busy, the food is amazing. I always get the breakfast quesadillas with salsa! They are filling and made with delicious ingredients. I am not a coffee drinker, but have heard that the cappuccinos are good too!

I know that these are only a few restaurants, but Waco has many others that are sure to amaze you. For most students, you’re only in Waco for four short years, so it’s important to try these Waco hot spots while you can and avoid the big chain restaurants!

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