London 2012 - Men's 200m final - StartSo, how many people watched an NFL game during the year?  How does this compare to baseball?  What is the gender breakdown for NFL or MLB fans?  Median age for these folks?   Sounds like interesting or challenging questions to answer?  The library has a resource that can help you should sports related questions come your way.  SBRnet is the leading source for sports market analytics.

Whether you are looking for information on major league sports or the lesser known sports such as Lacrosse, inline skating, billiards or skateboarding, SBRnet contains statistics, news items and special features on professional, college and consumer markets.  This includes statistics on the number of sports equipment items sold which can be a handy thing to know if you go to work for a company who manufactures these items.  You can also find participation rates and viewing/attending rates – another type of information that can be great to know.  Going to work for a sports team and are curious about social media?  You can find that here as well, so if you need to know if you will reach more fans via Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, you can find that information in SBRnet.  SBRnet has a section on fantasy sports which is very popular.  For instance, did you know that over 36,000,000 people participated in a football fantasy sports league last year?

SBRnet covers 38 different sports as well as equipment and apparel for these sports. Topics such as social media, TV viewing and attendance are covered here as well.  SBRnet provides venue reports and you can search for ticket prices for teams.  All in all, there is a lot, and I mean A Lot, of sport facts and information that can be found here.  This is a resource that is good to keep in the back of your mind whether you are an S3 major or just a sports fan.  BTW – in case you were wondering, 136, 279,000 people watched an NFL game on TV in 2015, with nearly 44% watching 3-11 times and 42% watching over 12 times.  This compares with 105, 609,000 people watching a major league baseball game, with 48% watching 3-19 times and 34% watching over 20 times.  The gender breakdown is nearly equal with slightly more men watching in both sports.  Median age for both sports is 46-47 years of age.  So, if you are looking to score big points with sports information, SBRnet is the resource for you.