Dropbox is a fabulous tool that lets you easily sync your files online across different computers and mobile devices. Currently you can get 2 GB of storage for free (you can get more space if you upgrade to a paid account) which is a great deal! With Dropbox, you can save your file to the Dropbox folder on one computer and it’s instantly available on another! You can also create shared folders with other Dropbox users when working on group projects.


Dropbox is a great tool for students who need to get access to files easily or who are working on group projects. Check out the features here. The software is available for Mac, PC and Linux computers and there are currently mobile apps for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices. So you can get access to your documents and files from wherever you may be!


And that’s not all! (Do we sound like an infomercial yet?) Lifehacker is reporting today that Dropbox has an ever better deal for students! You can get up to 500 MB more storage for each referral from a .edu address.

Have any of you used Dropbox? If so, leave a comment and let us know what you use it for and what features you like the best.