ask a librarian

The newly redesigned Baylor University Libraries web page has our “Ask a Librarian” widget right up front, making it easy for  you to get answers to questions you might have about doing research, what we have in the Library, and how to find the right sort of articles for your class assignments.  We get questions from students studying abroad and needing to know what they can still get to while they are in Maastricht or at St. Andrew’s and from students and faculty who are at a computer terminal in the Central Libraries but can’t find what they are looking for.

The next time you need to know the difference between scholarly or peer-reviewed journals, how to choose a good paper topic, or how to best find three full-text articles for your next assignment, or where we moved the books starting with “J” call numbers to, ask us online.  It’s anonymous and we’ll get you the answer you need.

Oh, look, the widget is even on the right of this page!