Have ever wondered how to start researching for a class assignment? Do you frequently get overwhelmed by the number of books and electronic resources the library has? Have you ever wanted to be a research ninja, searching and finding exactly what you need? Do you want to find authoritative information about current events? Do you just want to know how to navigate the library and the research process more quickly and efficiently?

Library411 is the place to come to in order to find out about the great resources, tools, services the library provides, and to get tips and tricks to make the library less of a mystery and to save you time. The website is written and edited by Ellen Hampton Filgo, E-Learning Librarian, with regular posts by Eileen Bentsen, Reference Librarian, Carol Schuetz, Business Librarian, Sinai Wood, Government Documents Librarian, and Sha Towers, Music and Fine Arts Librarian.

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