Poverty Hurts

We can make it history!

The Issue

We chose to look deeper into the issue of poverty in Waco. We want to decrease the rates of poverty within our community. Between 2008 and 2012, about 40% of Waco’s population was in poverty.  35.3% of Waco’s children live below the poverty level. Waco is the 37th poorest city in the United Sates. The 3 main races that are in poverty inWaco are Asian, African American, and Hispanic. Most families go into poverty because families lose other family members and it then creates a cycle. 31% of married couples are in poverty. 5% of males with no wives are in poverty. 64% of females with no husbands are in poverty. We have concluded that if you don’t work you will likely be in poverty. 43% of people of people in Waco that don’t work are in poverty and 2% of people that work full-time year round are in poverty. We want to take poverty at its root and help people escape poverty completely.