Support the Strays, Recycle to Save!

Day Two


1. Describe the 3 most important things you learned today?

KJ: It was hard back in the day and some people got hurt because of their color.

Cole: That if you are Mayor, you want to know what the people want.

Madison: I know the city manager’s name is Dale Fissler

Caden: How to determine how to accept and reject in the game.


2. What community issue did your group choose to investigate? Why?

Caden: Stray dogs and how to help them

Rheannon: Stray animals because we need to help put them in shelters and get them adopted


3. What have you learned about being a citizen today?

Madison: That you need to work as a team.

Isaac: That it is hard to be one

Rheannon: I’ve learned that I need to recycle to help the environment


4. Do you think that you can make a difference in your community? How?

Isaac: Because I travel around the world so I see things we could do here.

Caden: Yes, because I can recycle and help the community

Rheannon: Yes, because I can make posters so people are aware.


5. What did you like most about today- besides lunch? What was your favorite activity?

KJ: Well it was because Baylor supports my great cousin Doris Miller

Cole: Civil rights, I thought people should be treated fairly

Madison: Research because I liked to figure out different things


6. What is one thing you would like to know more about?

Harleen: Ways you can help animals

Caden: The recycle machine that produces water and dog food for dogs

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