Support the Strays, Recycle to Save!

Day One


1. Describe the 3 most important things you learned today?

Solomon: Pollution, some of it goes into the river and some stays on the street.

Madison: Friends for Life is organization that helps elders that cannot get around. Instead of a nursing home it helps them get meals and cleans for them.

Isaac: Hunger, lots of people can’t afford food and i also learned how they can improve school lunches.


2. What community issue did your group choose to investigate? Why?

Cole: Animals because it was the most voted. Animals—-food/water—-parks—-animal shelter—-service dogs

KJ: Animals, there are a lot of options


3. What have you learned about being a citizen today?

Solomon: Respecting others, volunteer, me, you

Harleen: To help with the community

Rheannon: Someone that is apart of the communities 


4. Do you think that you can make a difference in your community? How?

Cole: Maybe by putting up posters like from the game

Madison: Volunteer for a dog shelter and Friends for Life


5. What did you like most about today- besides lunch? What was your favorite activity?

Harleen: Learning because it is fun and the station with animals

Rheannon: I liked playing on iCivics because it made me help people


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