Support the Strays, Recycle to Save!

Day Four


1. Describe the 3 most important things you learned today about your issue and/or being an active citizen?

Caden: Writing the state representative

Madison: Working as a team is more important than you think

Rheannon: What a Pugedon machine is

Solomon: There are many homeless animals


2. Do you think that you can make a difference in your community? How?

Caden: Yes, I can make a difference by supporting the strays.

Rheannon: Yes, I could write a letter to a city manager


3. What did you like most about today- besides lunch? What was your favorite activity?

Madison: I liked making the iMovie

Harleen: Saying my lines when I was recorded for iMovie

Cole: Creating my mural for our group


4. What is one thing you would like to know more about?

Solomon: Dogs and cats in the area

Cole: I want to know more about stray dogs in the community

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