Support the Strays, Recycle to Save!

Day Five


1.What are 3 things that you won’t forget about the iEngage citizenship institute?

Madison: Law school and research fair

Caden: Raising awareness for strays

Isaac: Laws and the death penalty


2. What does it mean to be an active citizen in your own words?

Cole: To be a friend in your neighborhood

Isaac: A hard working person


3. How has this experience at iEngage empowered you to be an active citizen? In what ways?

Madison: I can tell people about the Pugedon machine

Harleen:  I’ve helped work with others


4. What are some ways you can be active in your community as a young person? What new ways did you learn about this week?

Solomon: I learned to be iengaged

Caden: I can recycle and encourage my friends to recycle


5. What was your favorite thing about today (besides lunch)?

Solomon: The presentation

Cole: Doing the video

Harleen: Making a poster

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