New Animal Shelter

pause for paws

The Issue

Stray animals are a serious problem in our community. This new animal shelter will help solve this issue.


1. Waco is building a new animal shelter so that they don’t have to put down as many pets.

2. The city of Waco is putting up a quarter of the cost.

3. The new animal shelter will have a pet play area.

4. It will have more modern kennel facility.

5. It will have a remodeled cat room and a dedicated puppy house.

Something people can do to help is donate money to the new shelter.

Our advocacy page is about raising awareness for the new animal shelter. On that page a billboard and a video.

The reflection page has blogs about what we have been doing throughout the week.

The resources page has the sites that we used to get information and pictures for our topic.

The take action page shows how you can get involved as a citizen of Waco.