Food truck feeds the hungry

Together we can help demolish hunger now and forever

Take Action

Ways we can inform local people about hungry people–

  • Go around and ask locals where they may have seen homeless people–most of the time, these people are not able to find food.
  • Put up flyers around Waco so more people are aware of hungry people all around them.
  • Set up a billboard in Waco so people driving will see it–way to promote the issue.

Ways we can inform the state about hungry people–

  • Advertise our issue in a Texas magazine (create one if not already created).
  • Interview organizations that help feed the hungry in Texas–show this on Youtube as well.
  • Write letters to important people in Texas who can promote our issue to more people in Texas.

Ways we can inform the nation about hungry people–

  • Create a video about hunger and post it on Youtube.
  • Create a website about hunger.
  • Make a commercial to air on television.