Food truck feeds the hungry

Together we can help demolish hunger now and forever

The Issue

For about 1 in every 6 person in America, hunger is a real struggle. Hunger is typically related to poverty, especially in the United States.¬†We want to help feed people in Waco that are not able to get food themselves. Our idea is to hold a food drive at multiple schools–China Spring, Bosqueville, and Baylor University. At this food drive, we will ask for food donations that we will be able to cook ourselves in our own kitchens. We want to help feed the hungry because we found out that 19% of people living in McLennan County are hungry on a daily basis! There are multiple consequences to being hungry constantly–to name a few–poor grades, lack of attention, and brain damage. 49 million people live in hungry homes or at-risk-hunger homes in the United States. This is a problem that needs a solution!¬†Luckily, we believe we have found a great way to help feed the hungry and try to demolish this horrible situation. We will also ask for monetary donations, that way we may have more money to rent our food truck. Once the food is cooked, we will load it into our truck and drive around Waco and offer free food to people who have no way of getting it. Instead of people coming to the food–we will bring the food to them! We think this is a great idea to help hungry people all around Waco because we have the food prepared and ready to hand out to the hungry people of Waco!

Our advocacy project page shows you our beautiful mural that we worked so hard to create!

At the end of every day, we each worked on a reflection–we combined our ideas and posted them on our reflection page!

Our resource page gives you all the websites we researched in order to find our information on this site!

This page gives you a brief overview of what our topic is all about! We hope you enjoy viewing our project and find some ideas that you can do to help!

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