Something up with your site? Here’s the fix …

A couple of weeks ago, the Edublogs staff made some changes to its suite of WordPress themes. Unfortunately, these changes had an unintentional effect on our WordPress instance at All sites using the Twenty Eleven theme were accidentally switched to the Edu Campus theme. The problem is easily fixed by logging in at, clicking Appearance > Themes, and reactivating the Twenty Eleven theme (you might find it useful to search for Twenty Eleven by using the Search Installed Themes field on that page). All the customizations you applied to Twenty Eleven should be present when you revert back–if not, please let us know so we can help you restore your theme settings. NOTE: Any custom headers you uploaded should be present in your media library.

Very sorry for the inconvenience! While Edublogs will be looking into why this happened, they will be removing the Edu Campus theme, which will cause all “broken” sites to revert back to the Twenty Eleven default theme.

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