How to make a post “sticky” (remove and link CP faq and move to How To menu)

Sometimes you may need a post to stay glued to the front page of your site. For example, you may decide that you need to give your students a reading prompt for their next blog assignment and need the prompt to be readily available for the students up until the deadline. You can accomplish this by making a post “sticky.”

To make create a sticky post, visit the Dashboard and either create a new post or edit an existing one. Go to the Publish box to the right and find the Visibility section and click Edit. After you click Edit, the following menu appears:

Check the Stick this post to the front page option and publish or update the post. All done! Your post will now be the first post everyone sees when they visit your blog until you uncheck this option, but you may also have more than one sticky post. Finally, an alternate way to quickly make a post sticky is to use the Quick Edit menu (shown below) for pre-existing posts.

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