The title, "Teaching Jane Austen," is superimposed over a sketch of five early 19th century women wearing hats and dresses with high collars.

Teaching Jane Austen is a special issue published in the peer-reviewed online journal Romantic Circles Pedagogies Commonswhich is dedicated to the presentation of essays about teaching. The image above comes from the landing page of the issue.

Professor Devoney Looser (Foundation Professor of English, Arizona State) and Dr. Emily C. Friedman (Assistant Professor if English, Auburn) co-edited Teaching Jane Austen. Dr. Looser came to speak to 19CRS on “The Making of Jane Austen” in Fall 2018. You can find out more about her talk here.

As the issue describes, the essays collected in Teaching Jane Austen: 

“describe curricular ideas, innovations, and practices that seek to move us beyond simple questions of Austen’s accessibility, relevance, and context. The contributors ask how we might enrich the teaching of Austen’s fiction by seeing her in conversation with manuscript culture, children’s literature, Harry Potter, or Romantic poetry. Collectively, these essays look to what it means to teach Austen in many kinds of classes and classrooms, with differently located learners and with a variety of texts, tools, and assignments.”

You can access this excellent pedagogical resource here.