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Victorian Poetry Network

Victorian Poetry Network According to their website, VPN is a hub for discussion, resources and advocacy. They welcome scholars, teachers, students and passionate readers to join them and help promote study of this wonderful subject. Launched in January 2011, they aim to forge a network…

The Ever Green, Being a Collection of Scots Poems, Wrote by the Ingenious Before 1600

Browning Library Collection The Ever Green, Being a Collection of Scots Poems, Wrote by the Ingenious Before 1600 Published: Edinburgh, 1761 This is volume two of a two-volume work bearing the stamp of the poet Robert Browning’s grandfather, Rob[ert] Browning. Acquired March 2015…

Walt Whitman Archive

The Walt Whitman Archive Edited by Ed Folsom and Kenneth M. Price and published by the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the Walt Whitman Archive is dedicated to making America’s most influential poet Walt Whitman’s vast work accessible…

Victorian Poetry

Victorian Poetry Founded by the West Virginia University Press in 1962 to further the study of the poetry of the Victorian period, today the journal publishes articles from a broad range of theoretical and critical approaches including historicism, feminism, and social/cultural issues. Access…

John Clare Society Resource Page

John Clare Society Resource Page Compiled by John Goodridge, a top scholar of Clare and other laboring-class poets, this is a useful bibliography of resources on John Clare, arranged by year. The site also includes a first-line index to Clare’s poetry, index of…

Emily Dickinson Museum

Emily Dickinson Museum  This is the official website for the Emily Dickinson Museum and homestead. This site provides an online collection of Emily Dickinson’s letters and drafts of her poetry. It also includes pictures of her community and the home where she spent so…

Emily Dickinson Collection

Emily Dickinson Collection: The Emily Dickinson Collection is housed at Harvard’s Houghton Library and preserves more than a thousand autograph poems and 300 letters. This site provides digital copies of Dickinson’s poetry and links to other libraries housing her manuscripts.

Emily Dickinson Archive

Emily Dickinson Archive: The Emily Dickinson Archive provides open access to high-resolution images of Dickinson’s surviving manuscripts held in multiple libraries and archives. The site also includes additional Dickinson resources and a lexicon for her poetry.

Dickinson Electronic Archive

The Dickinson Electronic Archives (DEA): The Dickinson Electronic Archives (DEA) is a hybrid forum for publication and other scholarly communication on Emily Dickinson and her works. It integrates features of the manuscript archive and the scholarly journal, and provides an experimental exhibition space,…

Poetry Concordances

Poetry Concordances This sites offers web poetry concordances to trace words and phrases from: P.B. Shelley’s Selected Poems 1816-21, Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “The Ancient Mariner,” John Keats’s The Odes of 1819, William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and of Experience, Wordsworth’s and Coleridge’s Lyrical Ballads (1798), and Gerard Manley…