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Dr. Kacy Tillman: “History’s Ellipses and the Diary of Deborah Norris Logan”

Nov. 13 Dr. Kacy Tillman (English, University of Tampa) will present “History’s Ellipses and the Diary of Deborah Norris Logan.” The talk traces silence as an absent presence in loyalist diaries-turned-biographies after the American Revolution in order to understand how and why people attempted…

Nicholas Basbanes: “The History of Paper”

Oct. 15 Nicholas Basbanes, a former investigative journalist, is the author of nine works of cultural history, with a particular emphasis on various aspects of books, book history, and book culture. His most recent book, and the topic of this talk, is On…

Drs. David Sorenson and Brent Kinser “The Victorian Lives and Letters Consortium; or, Growth of a Digital Humanities Project”

Oct. 1 David Sorenson and Brent Kinser came to Baylor in the fall of 2011 to introduce their plans to build a new platform for interconnected scholarly editions.  They called it the Victorian Lives and Letters Consortium, and their intention was to assemble…

Dr. Colin Jager: “The Romantic Critique of Life: Wordsworth, Byron, Taylor”

Sept. 25 Dr. Colin Jager (English, Rutgers) will present “The Romantic Critique of Life: Wordsworth, Byron, Taylor.” This talk discusses how “life” has increasingly become a topic of intense interest in the humanities. In partial reaction to an earlier emphasis on how power…

Outstanding Graduate Students Papers Fall 2015: David Smith and Lynneth Stingley

Sept. 4 Baylor Doctoral students David Smith (English) and Lynneth Stingley (History) will present in this semester’s Outstanding Graduate Student Papers in Nineteenth-Century Studies. David Smith will present “The Gothic Temple: Epistemology and Revolution in Charles Brockden Brown’s Wieland,” and Lynneth Stingley will present “‘The Most Bohemian Priest…