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Archive of posts published in the category: Presentation Schedule

Fall 2016 Presentation Schedule

Friday, September 16 3:30-4:30pm ABL Lecture Hall Dr. Christopher Ferguson (History, Auburn) Friday, October 21 3:30-4:30pm ABL Lecture Hall Prof. Adam Potkay (English, William and Mary): “Hope beyond Hope: ‘Something Evermore About to Be’ in Nineteenth-Century Literature” (This will be based on Dr. Potkay’s next…

Spring 2016 Presentation Schedule

Thursday, January 13 3:30-4:30pm ABL Lecture Hall Dr. Stephen Prickett (English, University of Kent, UK): “Backing into the Future: Romanticism, Secularization and the Reinvention of Literature” Friday, February 5 3:30-4:30pm ABL Lecture Hall ABL 2015 Teaching Fellows: Heidi Hornik (Art) and Sarah Rude…

Fall 2015 Presentation Schedule

Friday, September 4 3:30-4:30pm ABL Lecture Hall 19CRS Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Awards: David Smith (English) and Lynneth Stingley (History) Friday, September 25 3:30-4:30pm ABL Lecture Hall Dr. Colin Jager (English, Rutgers): “The Romantic Critique of Life: Wordsworth, Byron, Taylor” Thursday, October 1…