Nineteenth-Century Studies Association (NCSA)

According to their website, the Nineteenth Century Studies Association (NCSA), formerly known as the Southeastern Nineteenth Century Studies Association, is an interdisciplinary association for the study of nineteenth-century world cultures. Founded in 1979 as a forum to encourage interdisciplinary exchange, the membership has grown to include scholars whose disciplinary focus ranges from art, architecture, and literature to religious, scientific, and legal writing, to social, political, and economic debate.

Nineteenth Century Studies is an interdisciplinary journal published annually by the Nineteenth Century Studies Association. The journal publishes studies of interest to scholars of the nineteenth century in all humanistic fields. Although contributors most frequently write on American, British, and Continental topics, NCS places no geographical limitations on potential contributions. Topics include, but are not limited to, literature, art history, history, music, and the history of science and the social sciences.