Thanks to the joint efforts of Baylor’s Armstrong Browning Library and the English, Great Texts, and History departments, the 19CRS is pleased to invite you to a special lecture by Dr. Rae Greiner on Friday, April 10 from 3:30-4:30pm at the Armstrong Browning Library Lecture Hall.  Below is an abstract for Dr. Greiner’s talk.  Also see the flier posted to our “Presenters/Discussion Forum” page.

“Stupidity at the fin de siècle was fast becoming purely a matter of I.Q. Prior to this, eighteenth-century writers developed notions of dullness and of dunces, Romantic writers the figure of the (sometimes blessed) idiot. Centering on the period in between, this talk surveys a selection of nineteenth-century writings which features more open-ended concepts of stupidity, some not tied to matters of intelligence alone.”

All the best,

Josh King