My Truett Preview Experience

Earlier this week, I began preparing for our upcoming Fall Preview. Though this is something I do every semester, I cannot help but reflect on my own experiences at Preview each time. I remember all of the decisions I faced at that point in my life when I was trying to decide where to go next in my ministry. I was trying to discern if God really had called me to full-time ministry and if so, if seminary was the right choice. I had just left a job I loved in a country I loved (England) to come back to the States, so I was already invested here, but where was God leading me? As I drove into Waco that Thursday afternoon and saw the Baylor campus, I felt at peace. The feeling was so contrary to how I had felt for so long that I could not help but notice. Very unexpectedly I saw a beauty in Waco that began to draw me in.

Truett alums, Ashley and Ben Mangrum

I remember the first person I met that afternoon—Ashley Mangrum. She was a Truett student helping to welcome visitors to Preview. She made me feel instantly at home here in Waco, and over the course of the next day and half, I had so many of my concerns answered. Truett really was affordable, even to a single student working part-time. I was excited to see the variety of courses I would take as a Missions concentration student, and the opportunity to meet some of the professors and current students helped me to know that there would be a supportive community here. By the time I arrived at Rudy’s on Friday night, I knew that God’s hand was in this and that He was taking care of me. I could see his provision in all of these things.

I know that those preparing to attend Preview next week will have many of the same questions I had. I remember the apprehension and the excitement. My hope is that they, too, will experience God’s leadership and direction in the same way I did three years ago. My joy is getting to share in that journey just as Ashley was so instrumental in mine.

About the author:
Tiffany Forsyth is a third year, M.Div/M.S.W. student here at Truett.  She aspires to serve somewhere internationally after graduation.  Tiffany currently serves as an Associate in the Office of Student Services here at Truett.

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