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Announcing the 2014 Research Award Winners

March 8, 2014 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Research award winners for the summer seminar for 2014 are:

Andy Cullison, Associate Professor, SUNY-Fredonia
Frances Howard-Snyder, Professor, Western Washington University
Jonathan Jacobs, Assistant Professor, St. Louis University
Mark Lance, Professor, Georgetown University
Ryan Preston-Roedder, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina
Dan McKaughan, Associate Professor, Boston College
Paddy McShane, Instructor, Norlin Scholars Program, University of Colorado
Rik Peels, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Utrecht University (the Netherlands)
Lindsay Rettler, Graduate Student, Ohio State University
Blake Roeber, Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame
Meghan Sullivan, Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame
Peter van Elswyk, Graduate Student, Rutgers University

Congratulations to each, and we look forward to a fantastic seminar this coming summer!


A Couple of Press Releases about the Project

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One from Associated Baptist Press and another from Baylor Media Communications.


Introducing Meghan Dupree and Bradley Rettler

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Our two postdocs for the Faith Project for next year. Meghan is from the University of Pittsburgh and will be defending her dissertation on Duhem in April. Bradley is from the University of Notre Dame and has already defended his dissertation on metaphysical grounding. We welcome both to the project and are excited to have them join us!


Postdoc Positions Filled

February 19, 2014 · No Comments · Uncategorized

We now have both postdocs hired for next year, and will have more details to follow. One of them does work in metaphysics, and the other in history and philosophy of science. A hint about the composition of our team: his dissertation is on grounding, and hers is on Duhem. The future for our scholarly activities looks fantastic!


Brad Rettler joins the Faith Project

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Bradley Rettler from the University of Notre Dame has accepted our offer to be a post-doctoral research fellow for the Faith Project. He will begin in June of 2014, and will participate in the summer seminar we are holding on the campus of the University of Missouri. Brad is an exceptionally gifted philosopher and we are very excited to have him join our team!


The Official Baylor Press Release

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About this project is here.


New Graduate Student Essay Prize in Philosophy of Religion

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Can be found here. Any work done through the Faith project by graduate students will be eligible for this prize, and of course, any work done through the Faith project by PhD’s less than 15 years from time of degree are eligible for the associated Sanders Prize in Philosophy of Religion.


IHE Postdocs Ad

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Here. These are associated with our Templeton Religion Trust project, and are housed at Baylor. Email me with any questions about the positions. One point worth noting is that the usual religious preference test that Baylor uses for faculty positions does not apply to these positions, and I’d be happy to explain by email.


Post-Docs Ad

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Is now in place:
Two 3-yr post-doc positions for The Nature and Value of Faith Project.


Summer Seminar on The Nature of Faith

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Held in Columbia, MO, June 18-July 15, including an attractive financial package for participants (4K for a research project, 3K for housing, $750 for travel to and from the seminar, and $51/day for food). Seminar led by Kvanvig, Howard-Snyder, and Dougherty, with anticipated week-long visits by distinguished philosophers (at this point, tentative commitments from Keith DeRose, Dean Zimmerman, and Lara Buchak).

Further details below the fold.
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