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July 24, 2016
by megcullar

Baylor Enrichment Program Targets Early Math Learners [07/24/2016]

MELA-1A pilot program sponsored by Baylor School of Education’s Department of Curriculum & Instruction aims to impact math understanding in pre-kindergarten children in Waco.

During July, the School of Education is conducting a pilot program in early math intervention, the Math for Early Learners Academy (MELA). The brainchild of Dr. Sandi Cooper, professor in math education, the four-week camp targets 4-5 year olds who are entering kindergarten and need help building number sense, based on assessments.

“We are excited to host MELA at the Mayborn Museum, so the children can have informal learning experiences in math while interacting with the museum exhibits, in addition to in-the-classroom curriculum,” Cooper said. Continue Reading →

July 22, 2016
by megcullar

SOE Hosts Summer Literacy Institute [07/22/2016]

PrintBaylor University’s School of Education will host a three-day Summer Literacy Institute at the Foster Campus for Business and Innovation on July 25-27. More than 200 teachers will attend the professional development conference, featuring internationally known literacy experts Kylene Beers, currently an advisor at Columbia University and previously senior reading researcher at the Comer School Development Program at Yale University, along with Penny Kittle and Linda Rief — both teachers, authors and instructors at the University of New Hampshire Summer Literacy Institute.

For more information, visit the Baylor Media site.

For full conference information, visit the conference website at Baylor School of Education.


July 20, 2016
by megcullar

Mentorship at UYP’s Project Promise Leads to Family Gift [07/20/2016]


Jordan Barlow with some of her 2016 UYP students

Baylor master’s student Jordan Barlow, BSED ’15, witnessed first-hand the academic benefits and life-changing effects of Baylor’s University for Young People [UYP], a summer program for gifted students in grades 4-12.

“One of our little girls told us she was so happy she took this math class,” Barlow said. “She took the class because she’s usually better in science and she knew she wasn’t as great at math, and she wanted to challenge herself. Now she loves math.”

After working at UYP for three summers, Barlow is not surprised by positive feedback about the transformative influence of the program. Barlow’s experiences working as a mentor and a teacher in the program were so significant that her parents felt moved to donate to UYP two summers in a row — providing the opportunity for more students to participate in the program than before. Continue Reading →

July 15, 2016
by megcullar
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First-Year Teacher Reflections — How Did SOE Graduates Do? [07/15/2016]

The Baylor School of Education prides itself on preparing graduates for the classroom through rigorous coursework as well as intense faculty-guided field experiences. But how did we really do? Read the reflections of six graduates after their first year in the classroom.

Bonus: Read a few heart-warming notes written to these teachers by their students!

Profile2-AshlynCramerAshlyn Cramer, BSEd ’15
Eighth Grade, DeLay Middle School
Lewisville ISD

“Picture in your head the student that was always causing trouble and always in trouble. That was this student. He was every teacher’s nightmare, but he was my special case; he was my goal. I prayed for this student, I worked with this student, and we made progress.”



Profile2-EmilyRiceEmily Rice, BSEd ’14, MSEd ’15
Fourth Grade, Neysa Callison Elementary
Round Rock ISD

“I just accomplished the most challenging thing I’ve ever tried in my life. E-portfolios, interning, 20-page papers, and master’s comps were nothing in comparison! However, I know that without the years of experiences I got at Baylor, that this year would have been immensely more challenging than it was.”

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June 30, 2016
by molly_meeker

Baylor Ghana Mission Trip Has Lasting Impact on SOE Student-Faculty Duo [06/30/2016]


If you asked Baylor University senior Branda Greening a year ago about her vision for education and her plan for the future, she might have said education was the “window of opportunity” and her life plans were determined. When asked those questions now, Greening’s response is drastically different. 

In the fall of Greening’s junior year, her education professor, Dr. Lakia Scott, invited Greening on Baylor Missions’ annual Ghana Leadership mission trip. In May 2016, Scott and Greening embarked on a trip that challenged their views of education. 

“I had my life figured out until I came here,” Greening said of the Ghana trip. While she still plans to become a teacher, Greening’s passion has expanded.  

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June 2, 2016
by megcullar

Explore SOE Grad Programs at the Open House [06/02/2016]

OpenHouseButton_GRD-BUTTOON-170Baylor School of Education graduate programs will be participating in the Graduate School Open House on Oct. 6, 2016. Please join us to meet the faculty and learn about doctoral and master’s programs in Curriculum & Instruction, Educational Administration and Educational Psychology. Read more about the SOE graduate programs here: SOE Graduate Programs. And click through to register for the Open House.

May 26, 2016
by megcullar

SOE Student Named Regional Water Polo Coach of the Year [05/26/2015]

Water Polo Coach Alexis Crocker with her trusty whistle.

Water Polo Coach Alexis Crocker with her trusty whistle.

Alexis Crocker is the 2016 West Region Water Polo Boys Coach of the Year. That might not sound surprising for the coach of the Midway High School team, which won the region. But Crocker does not work for Midway ISD. Instead, she is a volunteer coach while also a junior student at Baylor University School of Education, majoring in secondary English, Language Arts and Reading. She started coaching the team her freshman year, when she was barely a year older than some of her players.

The Regional Coach of the Year shows off her award.

The Regional Coach of the Year shows off her award.

Crocker played high school water polo in her hometown of Okemos, Mich., notching two state titles, a runner-up and a final-four finish. When she came to Baylor, she wanted to try coaching, but wasn’t sure how to find a team. Because water polo is a non-UIL sport in Texas, programs are not as abundant as in Michigan.

“I googled ‘water polo in Waco’ and didn’t find anything,” she said. “I finally found the Midway Swim Team, and on the left was a little tab that said ‘water polo.’” The team was in its infancy, just finishing its first year. She emailed the coach immediately. Continue Reading →

May 24, 2016
by megcullar

Baylor School of Education Honors “Memorable Teachers” for 2016 [05/24/2015]

Two Texas teachers were honored at the annual Baylor School of Education Senior Recognition Banquet on April 21. Every year, Baylor SOE honors memorable teachers who were nominated by Baylor School of Education seniors. Students submit essays to support their nomination, and educators are chosen by a Baylor faculty committee.

Those honored this year were Samantha Herrington of Huntsville and Susana Milhoan of Wylie.


Brittany Rollins with her high school history teacher Samantha Herrington

Brittany Rollins with her high school history teacher, Samantha Herrington

Samantha Herrington was nominated by SOE senior and middle grade mathematics major Brittany Rollins. Herrington graduated from Sam Houston State University and has been teaching in Huntsville ISD for more than 28 years. For 20 of those years, she has served as a history teacher at Huntsville High School.

Teaching has dramatically affected Herrington’s life as she met her now-husband, Jack, and her adopted son, Eli, through teaching. Since then, Jack and Samantha have had two daughters — Deana, who has been a teacher for seven years, and Madison, who is still in high school. Continue Reading →

May 19, 2016
by megcullar

SOE Graduate Students Honored with Who’s Who [05/19/2016]


Who’s Who honoree Dan Woodward works with a student at the Baylor Center for Developmental Disabilities, congratulating him with a “high five.” School Psychology students receive supervised clinical experience at the Center.

Three graduate students in the Baylor School of Education were awarded the Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges for the 2015-2016 academic year.

• Dr. Yara Farah, December 2015 graduate, Dept. of Educational Psychology — gifted education and measurement
Laura Phipps, graduate student in School Psychology, Dept. of Educational Psychology
Dan Woodward, graduate student in School Psychology, Dept. of Educational Psychology Continue Reading →

May 17, 2016
by megcullar

Six School of Education Seniors Honored with Awards [05/17/2016]


School of Education seniors honored in April were (l-r) Josh Dietert, Kaitlin Welsh, Sarah Goodman, Erica Amos, Stephanie Wright and Mary Ernsbarger.

Six graduating seniors in the Baylor School of Education were honored with awards at the annual Senior Recognition Banquet on April 21. Baylor President Ken Starr spoke at the ceremony, held at McLane Stadium.


Erica Amos of Wylie, Texas, was named the 2016 EDICUT Pre-service Educator of the Year. Also known as “The Dean’s Award,” the honor is presented at each private university education program in Texas by the Education Deans of Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas. Baylor SOE Dean Dr. Michael McLendon presented the award. Continue Reading →