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Restoring Mary’s Place in the Nativity – worship guide included from The First Baptist Church in America (Providence, Rhode Island) (pdf)
Life After Life After Death(pdf)
God Terrible, God Merciful (pdf)
A Call for a Latter-Day Reformation of the Church (pdf)
Unwearied Hearts Ascend (pdf)
A Time for Gathering and Scattering Among Christians (pdf)
Be Ye Hearers of the Word and Not Doers Only–The Warren Carr Preaching Series (pdf)
Belonging First to Christ and Thus Truly to Each Other (pdf)
God’s Separated People and God’s Set-Apart Schools (pdf)
Hurrying Toward Hell (pdf)
The Death of Christian Culture, The Birth of Christian Faith (pdf)
Integrity Before God (pdf)
Jesus as Savior and Lord: A Lenten Meditation (pdf)
“Lost in Wonder, Love, and Praise”: The Witness of the (pdf)
Wesleys for the Christian Life Today (pdf)
Loud, Dogmatic, and Certain: Three Good Christian Words (pdf)
Elucidation of “The Musician” by R.S. Thomas (pdf)
The Suffering That Makes For Character (pdf)
On Creating a Christian Academic Community (pdf)
Hosanna to the King Who Rides Upon a Donkey (pdf)
Serving God in Small Things (pdf)
Slavery and Fear, Suffering and Freedom (pdf)
Thanksgiving (pdf)
The Beauty of Holiness (pdf)
The Call of the Crucified
The Fellowship of the Ring and the Church of Jesus Christ (pdf)
The Gospel of Jesus Christ and Our Baptist University (pdf)
The No-People Who Have Become God’s People (pdf)
The Gospel, the Church and the University (pdf)
The Twofold Ministry of Word and Sacrament: A Charge to Wesley Keyes (pdf)
“Compel Them to Come In”: The Gospel as Command, Not Choice (pdf)
An All-Consuming Zeal for God’s House (pdf)
Gratitude (pdf)