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Eugene Genovese and the Biblical Tragedy of the South (pdf)
Defending Christian Disbelief in an Age of Sentimental Spirituality (pdf)
The Criticism of Gabriel Josipovici: Trusting Words While Suspecting the Word (pdf)
Fallen Men and Women in the Fiction of Kaye Gibbons (pdf)
Reaping the Enlightenment Whirlwind at Baylor (pdf)
Ivan Karamazov’s Mistake: A Re-Reading of the Grand Inquisitor (pdf)
Teaching Because it Really Matters (pdf)
Dante: the Man and His Work (pdf)
A Christian Response to the Debate Over U.S. Attitudes Towards Soviet Communism (pdf)
Solzhenitsyn as Latter-Day Prophet: A Review Essay for the Christian Century (pdf)