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A Life Demonized but Not Damned (pdf)
A_Centenarian Who Lived as Well as She Lived Long (pdf)
A Eulogy for Fred Arthur McKenzie (pdf)
A Man Who Could Knock Together a Meal: A Tribute to Frank Trivette (pdf)
A Lady Who Never Wore Pants: A Eulogy for Annie Moore Trivette (pdf)
A Shade Tree Planted by the Stream of Mercy A Eulogy for Thomas Gaston Trivette (pdf)
A Eulogy for Al Schiemann (pdf)
A Sermon Preached at a Memorial Service for Emily Whitehurst Stone (pdf)
A Eulogy for Jewel Walker Mott (pdf)

A Eulogy for Margaret Wiggins Lovelace (pdf)
A Eulogy for Martha Carr (pdf)
A Woman Whose Name and Life Sparkled: A Eulogy for Polly Wood Schiemann (pdf)
Feasting on the Manna: An Account of the Funeral Service for James Wm. McClendon, Jr. (pdf)
A Meditation on the Life and Death of John Millis (pdf)

Norman Johnson (pdf)
Paul Wells Barrus: A Man of Godly Fear and Suffering Obedience (pdf)
A. J. Conyers (pdf)
In Praise and Thanksgiving to God for Nora Dudley (pdf)
A Woman Who Waited for the Lord God: Eulogy for My Mother (pdf)

A Woman Who Worked in Quietness: A Eulogy for Sally Beauchamp (pdf)
A Fearless and Funny Preacher of the Gospel: A Tribute to Warren Carr (pdf)
A Long-Boom Operator Who Lived Long and Well: A Eulogy for Alton Hill (pdf)

 A Woman Who Was a Doer of the Word Rather Than a Talker About It: A Eulogy for Juanell Dudley 

A Teacher Who Believed in the Elusive God: A Euglogy for Willard Hamrick

He Presented His Body as a Living Sacrifice: A Eulogy for Gary Halbrook