The mission of the Baylor Psychometric Laboratory (BPL) is to support the faculty and students at Baylor University (BU) and other academic institutions  in the development, application, and analysis of measurement in educational/psychological research.


In addition to office space and computing programs, BPL also houses a library of articles and books related to psychometrics and related fields, as well as technical manuals for pertinent psychometric software. The BPL’s computing facilities include machines with Linux, Windows, Mac operating systems, which are available for student and faculty consultation. The BPL’s computers are connected to BU’s ethernet system, which allows for access to shared printers and BU servers, as well as to the larger computing systems maintained by BU’s Academic and Research Computing Services group (ARCS).


If you would like to make an appointment with a member of the laboratory for your current or future research needs, please contact us at Alex_Beaujean [at] Baylor.edu or call us at: (254) 710-1548


The BPL is located on the third floor of the Marrs McLean Science Building

Baylor Educational Psychology Department Location

Baylor Educational Psychology Department Location