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Macroscopic Electrodynamics, Parts I and II

The present online version is two semester graduate level text, approximately 360+350 pages long.  Included are many problems (approximately 150+120) at the end of the chapters which specifically illustrate or expand upon the text. Parts 1 and 2 were edited in 2006 and Part 1 was also revised in January, 2009 (not enough changes to be newly copyrighted). The texts still need additional editing throughout to introduce new material, make it more self-consistent, remove typos, and try to actually make it more readable. In addition, many of the figures, which have been composed on a Macintosh using a picture editor, need to be made clearer. Previously, I gave up on providing an up-to-date Mac Word OSX version and simply posted the original Mac Word 5.1 versions — I have now given up on providing any Word version whatsoever! In the future, just the PDFs will be given. (You can find the previous versions in the “Archives” section.)

In the January, 2009 revision, sections have been numbered and problems at the end of the chapters are ordered and numbered to correspond to the text sections to facilitate problem assignment. Part of Chapter 7 from Part II, related to macroscopic Maxwell equation models, has been moved into Chapter 6 of Part I. Part II was also revised during the summer of 2009 mainly with re-ordered and numbered sections and problems, but also a new section covering connections to quantum field theory.

In January, 2011 I moved a section (“Normal force on a charged surface”) from Chapter 2 to Chapter 1 and did other minor revisions.


I am pleased to announce that Macroscopic Electrodynamics has been accepted for publication by World Scientific. I am also pleased to announce that Dr. Chris Thron from Central Texas A&M will be my co-author in putting together the printed version. This project simply would not be possible without his expert contributions. The text is expected to be delivered by August, 2014, but it may be rather longer before it becomes available in print. A complete solutions guide will also be available to instructors.

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