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The first African American novel, Clotel was published when its author was still legally a slave. This digital edition presents, for the first time together, the full extant texts of the novel’s four versions, published between 1853 and 1867. Imaged and coded, the fully searchable texts may be read individually or in parallel and are accompanied by generous biographical, critical, and historical commentary as well as line-by-line annotations and textual collation.

Current Biography Illustrated

Provides short biographies of persons currently in the news and about whom no full-length biography exists as of the date of publication in Current Biography. Includes references to current (or then-current) news sources on the individual. Entries date back to 1940 but this is often the only reliable source for biography for current, living individuals. Broad coverage of people in media, politics, and all professions and arts are included.

Digital Temple

Provides diplomatic transcriptions of Herbert’s collection of poems known as The Temple as they are found in two manuscript versions and the first printed edition. High quality digital copies of both of the manuscripts and the first printed edition are available for viewing. All have been transcribed in modern English spelling. Users may look at any of the three versions alone, or the poems may be viewed individually or side-by-side to allow for comparison. The collection may be searched by keyword with results from each version displayed side-by-side and the searched text highlighted. Includes introduction and documentation.

Emily Dickinson’s Correspondence

Presents a full-text and searchable edition of Emily Dickinson’s correspondence and 74 poems in one scholarly edition. These poems were contained within or were a letter in themselves to her sister-in-law, Susan Dickinson. These poems are often contextualized by the letter. The searchable texts are also accompanied by a digitized scan of the holographic manuscript. The database can be searched by full-text, date, manuscript features, and genre. Table of contents allows for viewing related texts (as a “constellation”) to enhance scholarship.  Primary Source.

Herman Melville’s Typee

Provides full-text and digital reproduction access to the many editions and revisions of Herman Melville’s novel Typee – the work that was Melville’s most popular in his lifetime. A fluid text is described as “any literary work that exists in multiple versions due to authorial, editorial, or cultural revision. . . .” Includes scholarly introduction and searching by keyword (searching is case sensitive); supports wild card search features (see “Searching the Text” for full details).

Journal of Emily Shore

Provides the first complete presentation of the transcribed journals of Emily Shore, a young Victorian woman of extraordinary talent. Emily Shore read widely – economics, botany, zoology – and was an amateur botanist and ornithologist who catalogued the natural world around her home and wrote essays on bird behavior. She also wrote poetry and plays and was a keen observer of life and culture before her death at the age of 19 from tuberculosis. Her journals cover the the years 1831 – 1839 (ages 11 – 19) and include two of the journals which were not know at the time of the printed edition. Supplemented with maps and illustrations. Would provide an interesting comparison with the same years from Queen Victoria’s Journals, which Baylor also owns

Letters of Matthew Arnold

Presents a full-text, searchable edition of 4,000 letters written by the Victorian critic and poet. Correspondence is annotated and may be searched by author or recipient, date, or keyword. Allows for wild card and proximity searching (“light*” and “dark*” within X number of words of each other). Includes a chronology of Arnold’s life and scholarly introduction to the correspondence.

Letters of Christina Rossetti

Provides full-text access to the letters of Christina Rossetti; based on the 4 volume published correspondence edited by Anthony H. Harrison. Searchable by recipient, date, or keyword. Allows for wild card and proximity searching (“light*” and “dark*” within X number of words of each other). Includes a chronology of Rossetti’s life and scholarly introduction to the correspondence.

Papers of Alexander Hamilton

Fully searchable text of all known papers by and to Alexander Hamilton between 1768 – 1804 (this collection is complete). Searchable by author or recipient, date, or by the notes from the printed edition. Includes a chronology, index, and scholarly updates since the publication of the print edition.

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