Welcome to my personal homepage.   I am an Associate Professor of English at Baylor University, specializing in Romantic and Victorian literature. I also serve as the Margarett Root Brown Chair in Robert Browning and Victorian Studies at Baylor’s Armstrong Browning Library. My primary research areas are nineteenth-century British poetic form, religion, and “print culture.” By “print culture” I mean the social interaction and meaning-making enabled by the production, circulation, and reception of printed media.  Within these areas, I have actively published in three subfields: (1) nineteenth-century British print culture and religion; (2) Romantic poetic form and theory, focusing on connections between meter, ethics, and social norms; (3) Victorian poetic form and theory, emphasizing theological views of poetic form.  More recently, I have focused on intersections between nineteenth-century British poetry, ecology, and religion.

Please see my “publications” page for information about my publications.  You can read more about my book, Imagined Spiritual Communities in Britain’s Age of Print, (Ohio State University Press, 2015) by visiting the webpage linked to the title.  It is in Ohio State’s Literature, Religion, and Postsecular Studies book series.

I also coordinate Baylor’s 19th C. Research Seminar (please click to visit our website for more information).