I am the youngest member in my family. My family consists of my two parents and older sister. My mom and sister were born in Jakarta, while my dad was born in Siantar. My parents are both in their early fifties. My sister, however, is four years older than me. She graduated last spring from University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Like me, my sister majors in Business, but focuses on Marketing. My dad graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) with a degree in Engineering. My mom, on the other hand, graduated from Universitas Indonesia (UI) with a degree in Economics. I guess I inherited my dad’s love for Maths and my mom’s love for Economics. Another member in my family is my four-legged, 8-year-old dog, Helga. If there was a dog university she could attend, I bet she would graduate with degree in sleeping and eating!

This is me and my family in Vancouver. I am the one in the thick, blue jacket.


This is the 8-year-old baby of our family, Helga.