Weekend Plans

This weekend I decided to go back to Deep Ellum with the other resident at Lake Pointe, the resident at Doctor’s Hospital and his wife, and my boyfriend. We decided to get together for dinner and explore the area a little more afterwards. We ended up eating at Cane Rosso, which is a great stop for pizza. We also passed by a popular place for barbecue, Pecan Lodge. We ended up opting for Cane Rosso, but I’m sure I’ll check out Pecan Lodge during a later visit.

Last time I was in Deep Ellum was a weeknight so I was looking forward to seeing what it would be like during the weekend. While waiting for our table we explored some. We walked by bars, music venues, a donut shop, and a small candy store. We found out later that the candy store is the entrance to a new speakeasy! It’s a pretty neat area, with an eclectic group of people. I really enjoy the area, but am also looking forward to exploring other areas of Dallas and Fort Worth during future weekends. Two of my Baylor classmates are in DFW, so I definitely need to make plans to see them as well.

In addition to spending some time with friends this weekend, my brother is also coming to town! I’m planning on spending some time showing him around my apartment, hopefully getting to the pool and grabbing dinner before the weekend ends.


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Sunnyvale Visit

Today I went to Sunnyvale for a meet and greet for managers from the four Tenet hospitals in DFW. We met in a conference room and then had the opportunity to get to know our colleagues from the other hospitals. One of the other hospitals also has a resident, whom I’d met before. We had the chance to talk with him about his residency experience and get some advice about how he has gotten the most out of his residency. He gave us some great advice and I will definitely ask him for advice as my residency continues.

After having some time to talk we were taken on a tour around Sunnyvale. Sunnyvale was only recently acquired by Tenet, so it’s been an exciting time to be with Tenet to see the hospital welcomed to the family. Although I had been to Sunnyvale before, I only saw a few small areas of the hospital, so I was glad to be given a tour of the facility. It’s a beautiful and fairly new hospital.

Although I’ve only spent a lot of time at one hospital so far (Lake Pointe), I enjoy seeing other hospitals and seeing how they do things differently. During my first year at Baylor I had the opportunity to shadow in several departments at Hillcrest Medical Center. I’m really happy we had that opportunity because it helped to introduce me to hospital operations. Now that I’ve spent some time at other hospitals I’ve been able to see similarities and differences between how hospitals operate. This has helped to spark my curiosity about what works best or why hospitals have different best practices.


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Exploring Deep Ellum

Earlier this week a second resident joined Lake Pointe. She will be spending a year at the hospital. Since we had just met we decided it would be fun to get together during the week and explore a little bit of Dallas together. We decided to check out Deep Ellum in East Dallas. I haven’t spent much time exploring Dallas yet, so I was excited to have the chance to get out.

Deep Ellum is considered a neighborhood made up of arts and entertainment venues. I hadn’t heard of the neighborhood before planning to go out. We walked around the area for awhile looking for a place we wanted to go. There are quite a few restaurants and other venues there.

Although I enjoyed my first year at Baylor, I missed living near a city. I’m not currently living in the city (I’m in suburbia!), I am interested in continuing to explore Dallas and seeing if there is any area in the city where I an see myself longer term. In addition to having several streets of bars and restaurants, the area is also near a large farmers market which I hope to check out sometime soon. My college was near a large farmers market, which I often visited on weekends and is something that I’ve missed. Waco has a farmers market as well, which I have enjoyed, but it’s not as big the farmers markets I was accustomed to in Florida!


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Rotation: Endoscopy and Day Surgery

This week I had the opportunity to shadow the Director of Endoscopy, Pre-Op, and Day Surgery. On the first day of my rotation the director spent some time explaining her role as the director and showing me around her departments.

I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know the department directors at the hospital and to learn about their career paths and seeing different managerial styles. I’ve also enjoyed doing rotations and having the opportunity to meet other individuals to learn about challenges they face in their roles. I hope that as an administrator I’ll be able to connect with employees and find ways to help make their jobs easier.

After getting a tour of her department, the director went over her schedule and told me what she would be having me do for the week. I ended up being able to see patient flow in endoscopy, including seeing several procedures, and also sit in day surgery to understand how scheduling and recovery works for outpatient procedures. In addition to this, I was also able to join her for several meetings including one where products of interest are reviewed to determine whether or not the hospital would like to use them. I love technology, innovation, and products related to process improvement so I really enjoyed this meeting.

Overall it was a great week and I learned a lot. I’m going to be working on the hospital’s business plan in the weeks to come, so I’ll have a break from rotations for awhile. I’m looking forward to learning more about other departments soon!


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July Fourth

It’s the first holiday weekend since I’ve started my residency! I’ve always loved the Fourth of July, and was happy to get a long weekend to celebrate the holiday and spend some extra time relaxing.

For the weekend my boyfriend, some friends, and I decided to head to Wimberley, TX to spend the long weekend floating in the Blanco River, exploring Wimberley, and catching fireworks for the Fourth in San Marcos. Now that I’m living closer to Dallas, getting to Wimberley is a longer drive than from Waco, but it was well worth the trip! As much as I’m enjoying my residency, I love getting the opportunity to spend time outside.  Fortunately we ended up getting great weather for the weekend and only encountered a bit of rain.


We ended up squeezing in Red Box movies, floating on the Blanco, stopping at the outlets in San Marcos, seeing fireworks, playing card games, and seeing family all in one weekend! It was the perfect weekend to relax and prepare for another week of work and learning. The only way it could have been better is if there was less construction in I-35!!


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EMS Ride Along

This week my rotation is with the Director of Emergency Services. As a portion of my rotation, the Director set up a ride-along with Rockwall County EMS.

I’d never been in an ambulance before and frankly I wasn’t sure of what to expect. I was set to ride with Medic 4 and arrived to the station shortly before their shift was set to begin. In college one of my friends was an EMT and the majority of her stories dealt with transferring patients from nursing homes to hospitals and back. Having never experienced it myself, however, I was excited to see what my day would be like.

Overall we had a pretty slow start to the day. I was introduced to the two paramedics I would be riding with for the day and they showed me around the ambulance. I sat in the back during all of the runs. When I was a kid my parents had a station wagon with a seat in that back that faced the road. I always loved to sit and watch the road go by. Needless to say I loved sitting back there!

We first went on a transfer call. Transfer calls are not emergencies, so there is no real rush to get to the patient. Later in the day we responded to a 911 call. It was at that point when the sirens were turned on and we sped down the road to get to the patient. One thing that surprised me was that not all drivers move out of the way! I asked the paramedics about this and they told me it was a fairly common problem, particularly when people want to turn left.

Overall it was a great day and I was glad to have the opportunity to learn about EMS and the service they provide to community members!


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Patient Access Rotation

This week I’ve been learning about Patient Access at the hospital. This department is responsible for helping patients to get registered and on their way to medical care.

To start off the week I sat at the front desk where patients check in for outpatient services such as day surgery and radiology services. For many patients it is here where the first impression of the hospital is made. I was very impressed at how quickly the girls working at the desk were able to work and how they were able to accommodate patients when the line to register started to get long.

After spending some time at the front desk, I was also able to sit in the back where PBX is. PBX is responsible for answering all the calls to the main hospital and directing them to the proper extension. In addition to this, they also page people overhead at the hospital, call codes, and do a myriad of other things. The person who is responsible for answering the phone is rotated through a group in the office who also work on registering patients into the ED. Seeing how efficient the person working in PBX was at multitasking was truly impressive. I’m quite positive that I couldn’t do their job!!

One of the last portions of my rotation was to spend some time with the individuals who are responsible for checking patients’ insurance benefits. They explained how patients who come as walk-ins often have to wait longer at registration because they are unable to check their benefits ahead of time. One of the key themes I’ve seen in this department is just how important customer service is in making patients happy and providing them with quality care. I’ve truly been impressed by the individuals working in Patient Access and have a genuine respect for all that they do for the hospital!


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Lean Daily Management

Since the very first day of my residency, it became apparent to me that Lake Pointe values Lean Daily Management as a way to understand its departments and to help them operate efficiently.

To do this, Lake Pointe has LDM boards in each of its main departments. The departments then choose goals that they want to focus on in order to see how they are operating and to address problems. In the morning, administrative team members divide up and visit each department to see how they are performing and if they are meeting their goals. In addition to this, they also offer help to each department if they are having any challenges related to the goals or otherwise. If a department is having an especially difficult time meeting their goals, administration may work directly with them to find creative solutions together.

As departments meet their goals they can decide whether or not they want to remove them from their boards and replace them with new goals. Some have found that after they remove a goal from their boards that they begin to make mistakes again. In this case, they may choose to track the goal for a longer period of time. I’ve really enjoyed learning about what goals each department has chosen to track and why those goals are valuable to them.

It’s been very impressive to me to see how involved administration is with helping individual departments thrive. I’ve also been impressed by the commitment I’ve seen in departments to meeting and exceeding their goals. Both of these things say a lot about the people in an organization and ultimately it’s the people who determine what quality of care patients who come to the hospital receive.


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Now that I’m in my second week, my rotation schedule has been begun. I will be spending about a week with each department and am starting with the Nursing Operations Director.

On Monday the Director introduced me to the House Supervisor who was working that afternoon. I spent the rest of the day shadowing her and gaining an understanding of her job and her role for helping to care for patients. The Director also told me about some key meetings she would be attending during the week and that I would be coming to.

I’ve always had an immense respect for nurses and after shadowing the House Supervisor my respect has grown! The role of the House Supervisor is, in part, to help get patients to their rooms, help make sure the hospital is properly staffed to care for patients, and more! Monday was a very busy day and it was impressive to see just how much nurses are responsible for. They are a key part of a functioning hospital and I’m looking forward to learning and experiencing even more of their responsibilities as the week continues!


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Residency First Week Recap

It’s already almost time for me to begin the second week of my residency.  My first week went by pretty quickly. I ended up spending a large portion of my first week shadowing Lake Pointe’s Director of Business Development. He helps to oversee physician relations (amongst many other things!), so I was able to accompany him and several of the hospital’s Physician Liaisons on physician visits.

One thing that I’ve enjoyed understanding better is seeing how Lake Pointe’s Health Network is organized. The main hospital is a 112 bed hospital, but there are also several outpatient centers that Lake Pointe has in order to serve community health needs. I’ve had the opportunity to visits several of these centers while on physician visits and have enjoyed getting a glimpse into the role of Physician Liaisons.

In addition to going on physician visits, I also had the opportunity to sit in on some key meetings and join the hospital’s leaders on their morning Gemba walks to see individual department’s Lean Daily Management boards. I’ve enjoyed learning about what each individual department is tracking as goals and seeing what actions they’re taking to meet them.

My schedule for next week and the rest of June and July has also been finalized! I’m really looking forward to getting into my rotation schedule, getting to know more people at the hospital, learning more about the departments, and gaining a stronger understanding of everything they do to make the hospital run!


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