Community Involvement & Upcoming Events

In addition to working on projects within the hospital and doing rotations, I have also been given the opportunity to be involved with some of Lake Pointe’s community events. On Friday I attended a New Teacher’s Breakfast at Rockwall High School, which has been designed to help introduce Rockwall’s new teachers to the district. In addition to this, the hospital also has several other events coming up in September, which I am invited to be a part of.

One of these is Rockwall’s HeartChase, which the hospital sponsors and actively participates in as well. I have never done a HeartChase event before, so I’m pretty excited about being involved! In addition to this, we are also sponsors of Rockwall’s Duck Race. As sponsors we are given large rubber ducks to decorate. These ducks will then be entered into the event’s beauty pageant to be judged! I have already begun to work with my co-resident on creative ideas for our ducks.

Being involved in the community that I live in is something that has always been important to me. When I lived in Florida I spent my time volunteering for several organizations and have been actively looking for ways to get involved since moving to Dallas. I’m excited that Lake Pointe is actively involved with the communities they serve and that I will be able to be apart of it.

In addition to volunteering through Lake Pointe, I’ve also done a little research on how I can get involved on my own! One program that I found is the Youth Achievement Foundation (YAF), which pairs volunteers with middle school and high school students to act as a mentor for them. I have always enjoyed one-on-one volunteering activities with kids and am hopeful that I’ll be a good fit for the program!


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Lake Pointe-Business Plan Presentation

Last week I was able to attend Texas Regional: Sunnyvale’s Business Plan Presentation at Tenet’s Home Office. This week it was Lake Pointe’s turn to present their Business Plan. Although I had now gone through the process once, I knew that since Lake Pointe has been through the business plan process many times before, that the expectations would be higher.

In addition to seeing how the process works, I also was able to help put together a few of the slides that were included in the version that were being presented to home office. Being a part of the entire process was a very neat experience and I’m thankful to have had the opportunity!

Like last time, we went to home office for the presentation. This time, however, we went to one of the top floors of home office. Home office is located in downtown Dallas and from the top floors the view of the city is great! We were fortunate enough to get there early enough to have some time to look out the windows and get a new perspective for how Dallas is laid out.

Once the presentation got started, I focuses primarily on what the Central Region Executive team had concerns or major questions about. Since I’m not at home office often or around those who work in home office, it was a great experience to learn a little about what they find to be important in terms of performance and operational success.

Although going through the business plan was a great experience, I am excited to start getting back into rotations soon to continue to learn more about how Lake Pointe operates!


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Texas Regional-Sunnyvale Business Plan Presentation

Tenet has recently acquired a new hospital in the metroplex and I have gotten to see some of the early challenges and transitions related to acquiring a new hospital. One key challenge that I have seen is how difficult it can be to gather data from a newly acquired hospital.

Tenet hospitals are required to put together an annual Business Plan to be presented to their regions executives. Although Sunnyvale was only recently acquired by Tenet, the company still had to participate in the process. In order to put together their business plan, a collaborative effort was made between Lake Pointe’s staff and Sunnyvale’s.

Although Sunnyvale does have the ability to run reports and collect data, the data they collect, what they have used it for in the past, and how it is analyzed is very different from what data Tenet hospitals collect and utilize to measure performance and to budget for the upcoming year. As a result of this, finding suitable numbers and determining what portions of the business plan the hospital could and could not answer was time consuming.

After the presentation and corresponding spreadsheets are pulled together, Tenet hospitals present the information to home office. I was able to attend the presentation of the Business Plan to the Central Region Executives and see how the process works. I was interested in hearing the response that would be given to the missing information as well as to what key strategies Tenet executives think are vital for Sunnyvale to focus on going forward. It was a great introduction to how home office is involved in developing and measuring the performance of their hospitals and I was very glad that I was included in the process!


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Residency Site Visit from Col. Garner

Today Col. Garner came to Lake Pointe to check in on how things are going at my residency. Part of our residency requirements is to keep a daily log of the projects we’re working on, the meetings we attend, and any other noteworthy things we spend time on. This helps Col. Garner and Col. Haines to ensure that we are all having good residency experiences with plenty of opportunities to learn! In addition to fulfilling this requirement, we are all assigned to either Col. Haines or Col. Garner for a visit several months in to our residencies and then at the end. Now that I am a few months into my residency, it was time for Col. Garner’s first visit!

Col. Garner first checked in with my Preceptor, Brett Lee, to talk about how I am doing at my residency and about what I am spending time doing. After spending some time visiting with him, Col. Garner then checked in with me. We talked about what I have been working on, if I have any concerns related to my residency, and how I seem to be performing and ways I can improve going forward.

It was great to have the opportunity to talk about my residency in person. I am incredibly thankful for how much support we having through Baylor. I know that if I ever have any concerns or questions, that I can email Col. Garner to discuss. Having started my residency with only a little bit of an idea of what to expect, having a support group of classmates and faculty from Baylor has been very helpful. I know that even after my residency is over and I graduate next May that they will all continue to be a great resource throughout my career as well!


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Dallas Weekend Fun

This weekend my boyfriend and some friends and I decided to check out a small water park nearby and also play some miniature golf. I haven’t done either in quite some time, so I was looking forward to it!

There is a Hawaiian Falls water park not too far from my apartment. It’s a pretty small water park, but since it’s so close we figured it would be fun to check out. The park has a wave pool, lazy river, and several slides for guests to enjoy. There is also a Hawaiian Falls in Waco, but I never visited last summer! We ended up spending a good portion of our afternoon and early evening at the park. It was decently crowded, but was also a nice way to cool off.

After heading back to my apartment and going to dinner, we decided to also check out a place that has miniature golf. When I lived in Orlando I occasionally went miniature golfing and was spoiled by the options, so finding that Dallas has several places to go was exciting! We ended up going to Adventure Landing, which has miniature gold, laser tag, go-karts, an arcade and more. It ended up being a lot of fun and although it wasn’t the best place I’ve been before I would certainly go back!!

So far I’ve really only spent my weekends exploring Dallas, so I am still learning bit by bit about the city. It was nice to have a change of pace and spend my weekend having fun with friends. I’m looking forward to continuing to try out new places!!


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Market Meeting

The Preceptor for my residency, Brett Lee, was recently named the CEO of the Dallas Market Tenet Hospitals. With his new market position Mr. Lee will be working to bring the four hospitals in the market together. This will allow the hospitals to look for cost saving initiatives and also ways to consolidate equipment and share employees.

Since the announcement of his new role, the hospitals have been working together to act more like a market. Today I was able to attend a market meeting which brought together representatives from all of the hospitals. The meeting opened up dialogue for ways the hospitals can work together and how progress is moving on ongoing initiatives. It was great to see how excited everyone is to work together and how many great ideas everyone has to bring the market together.

At the end of the meeting, each hospital presented an abridged version of their upcoming business plans. I’ve been helping to put together the business plan for Lake Pointe recently and was interested in learning about what the other hospitals in Tenet’s Dallas Market are working on. It was a neat setting to be able to learn more about each of the hospitals in the Dallas Market that Lake Pointe will be involved more and more with in the months to come. I’m hoping to continue to learn more and also visit each of the hospitals eventually!

Overall it was a great meeting and our move towards a market should make my residency an even more exciting experience!


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Business Plan

For the next few weeks most of my time at my residency is going to be devoted to learning about and helping out with Lake Pointe’s Business Plan for the year. The business plan helps to update home office about how Tenet’s hospitals are operating, if they are meeting their budgets and how they expect to do in years to come.

In addition to putting together our own Business Plan, Lake Pointe’s team will also be helping Sunnyvale to pull together their Business Plan for the first time since joining Tenet. Since Sunnyvale is new to Tenet, their IT systems and means of collecting and interpreting data are different than ours. As a result of this, pulling together Sunnyvale’s Business Plan is likely going to be a big challenge for all involved.

I have enjoyed helping out with the Business Plan so far, as it has given me an opportunity to learn more about Lake Pointe’s operations. I’ve been able to see what some of our strong points are and where we need to improve. It has also been interesting to see how we have performed as compared to competitors in the market. Knowing this information can help the leadership team at Lake Pointe to position the hospital for success going forward.

As Sunnyvale’s Business Plan begins to develop more, it is likely that we will begin to learn more about Sunnyvale, both good and bad, as well. It will also help us to understand where Sunnyvale has shortcomings in terms of data reporting. Having joined Lake Pointe at a time where the Dallas Tenet hospitals are moving towards a market approach and where a new hospital is being onboard, there is a lot for me to experience and learn!


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Materials Management Project

In addition to doing rotations as a part of my residency, I also have projects to work on occasionally. One project that I’ve been working on is with Materials Management.

I recently spent some time in Materials Management with the Director and with the second resident who is at Lake Pointe. After gaining an introductory understanding of the department, we talked about challenges the department faces with several employees. One thing we learned was that many nurses are unhappy with the hospital’s supply system because of challenges related to logging into it. Materials explained that this can result in lost charges, since nurses then resort to pulling items from their supply rooms without charging for them.

We decided to take on the project and have started asking nurses and other employees what challenges they have encountered with the supply system. Challenges we have heard so far include difficulties logging into the system, an inability to add new nurses to the system, challenges related to restocking items on weekends and after-hours, and concerns about where supplies are located.

Now that we’ve gained a better understanding of why the nurses are unhappy with the system, we’re looking forward to working with Materials to find a solution to make everyone happy. As much as we want to make sure we are charging for the items our nurses are using, we also want to make sure that the nurses are able to provide their patients with optimal care. I’m excited to be a part of finding the solution for everyone!


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Weekend Plans

This weekend I decided to go back to Deep Ellum with the other resident at Lake Pointe, the resident at Doctor’s Hospital and his wife, and my boyfriend. We decided to get together for dinner and explore the area a little more afterwards. We ended up eating at Cane Rosso, which is a great stop for pizza. We also passed by a popular place for barbecue, Pecan Lodge. We ended up opting for Cane Rosso, but I’m sure I’ll check out Pecan Lodge during a later visit.

Last time I was in Deep Ellum was a weeknight so I was looking forward to seeing what it would be like during the weekend. While waiting for our table we explored some. We walked by bars, music venues, a donut shop, and a small candy store. We found out later that the candy store is the entrance to a new speakeasy! It’s a pretty neat area, with an eclectic group of people. I really enjoy the area, but am also looking forward to exploring other areas of Dallas and Fort Worth during future weekends. Two of my Baylor classmates are in DFW, so I definitely need to make plans to see them as well.

In addition to spending some time with friends this weekend, my brother is also coming to town! I’m planning on spending some time showing him around my apartment, hopefully getting to the pool and grabbing dinner before the weekend ends.


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Sunnyvale Visit

Today I went to Sunnyvale for a meet and greet for managers from the four Tenet hospitals in DFW. We met in a conference room and then had the opportunity to get to know our colleagues from the other hospitals. One of the other hospitals also has a resident, whom I’d met before. We had the chance to talk with him about his residency experience and get some advice about how he has gotten the most out of his residency. He gave us some great advice and I will definitely ask him for advice as my residency continues.

After having some time to talk we were taken on a tour around Sunnyvale. Sunnyvale was only recently acquired by Tenet, so it’s been an exciting time to be with Tenet to see the hospital welcomed to the family. Although I had been to Sunnyvale before, I only saw a few small areas of the hospital, so I was glad to be given a tour of the facility. It’s a beautiful and fairly new hospital.

Although I’ve only spent a lot of time at one hospital so far (Lake Pointe), I enjoy seeing other hospitals and seeing how they do things differently. During my first year at Baylor I had the opportunity to shadow in several departments at Hillcrest Medical Center. I’m really happy we had that opportunity because it helped to introduce me to hospital operations. Now that I’ve spent some time at other hospitals I’ve been able to see similarities and differences between how hospitals operate. This has helped to spark my curiosity about what works best or why hospitals have different best practices.


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