Rockwall HeartChase

Today I went to Rockwall to take part in their annual HeartChase. The HeartChase sponsors the American Heart Association and Lake Pointe is a big sponsor of the event and programming.  Leading up to the event we hosted several fundraisers to raise money. These included a bake sale, a chili cook off, and a donation to be able to wear jerseys to work. Between these events and individual donations we raised several thousand dollars!

I had never been to a HeartChase event before, so I was excited to go. Not knowing what to expect threw my team off a little bit because we didn’t really have a set game plan to win! The event us basically like a scavenger hunt with activities mixed in. You run (or walk!) around an area and go to different stations to complete actitives. After completing the activity you are given a code to either enter or scan into the event’s APP with your phone. In addition to this, there are also bonus codes throughout the playing field that give your team more points. This Saturday there were 99 of such codes for us to find!

My team ended up finishing all of the stations and also found 83 of the bonus codes. Since we didn’t find all of them we didn’t win! Regardless, several Lake Pointe teams look home top spots and ultimately make Lake Pointe the overall winner. It was a lot of fun and was a great opportunity to spend time with Lake Pointe employees outside of the hospital-and it was for a great cause! I would definitely love to go to another HeartChase sometime!

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THA Best Practice Member Showcase

A few months ago I helped to put together a Best Practice Submission to submit to THA to be considered for their Member Showcase. From the submissions they receive, THA chooses several to feature during their THA Annual Conference and Expo in January. We will be able to present our Best Practice to attendees and share with them.

Our submission detailed how our upcoming Community Paramedics Program will allow us to continue to care for patients as they return to their homes and what our expected outcomes from doing so are.

I found out yesterday that our submission was selected to appear during the Member Showcase! The Community Paramedics Project is likely going to be my final project for my Residency and I’ve been spending more and more time learning about its development and have begun thinking of ideas of how I can help with calculating metrics to measure its success.

After spending a lot of time helping out with awards nominations for the program and sitting in on meetings helping to get the program started, I have become very excited about the program and about the impact it can have for community members. Needless to say I am thrilled that we were chosen! It will be a wonderful opportunity for the program’s representatives to share the thought process behind the program’s development and our initial outcomes.

The next step is for us to complete a separate submission to be included in the conference. I will be helping out with its development and am very excited to see it evolve! (And to see the program commence!)


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Rockwall Duck Regatta

This weekend Rockwall hosted a Rubber Duck Regatta. The Regatta is open to community members who want to try their luck at winning prizes by making a donation to float a rubber duck down the lake. In addition to this, Corporate Sponsors of the event compete in a Rubber Duck Beauty Pageant. The ducks entered into this component are oversized and therefore allow for a lot of creativity.

I had known about the event for a while and had been thinking about what we should decorate our ducks as. We ended up deciding that we would build a miniature model of a Da Vinci Surgical Robot and decorate our three Corporate Ducks as a Patient Duck, a Nurse Duck, and a Dr. Duck.

On Saturday I met up with Lake Pointe’s second resident at the Regatta to set up our ducks. We felt very confident about our chances at winning… until we got there! The competition was pretty fierce! While waiting for judging to begin we walked around the event, which had lots of tables from local organizations set up. Our Preceptor and Lake Pointe’s CEO, Brett Lee also stopped by to see how the event was going.  It was a nice opportunity to learn more about Rockwall, since I spend most of my time outside of work in other areas of DFW.

As the judging began, we returned back to the stage. The judges gave us an opportunity to explain what our ducks were while the judges rated them. Before we knew it the award winners were being announced….we came in Third! Lake Pointe has never placed before, so we were THRILLED with the outcome! Our picture was taken and we were told that we would be featured in a mailer going out to Rockwall Residents. Success!


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Process Improvement Team Leaders Meeting

This week I was invited to join Tenet’s Process Improvement Team at Home Office to talk about how Lean and Lean Daily Management is being rolled out throughout Legacy Tenet and Legacy Vanguard Hospitals. Lake Pointe rolled out LDM earlier this year, so I have gotten used to going on gemba walks and seeing how LDM has helped Lake Pointe to improve. I didn’t know much, however, about how far along other Tenet hospitals were in rolling out and utilizing LDM.

It was a great experience to be able to learn more about Tenet hospitals throughout the country and see where they were at in terms of engaging their hospitals in LDM. I also had the great surprise of seeing a familiar face! I arrived to see Stephen Garner, a Baylor Healthcare MBA Graduate from this past year. I also saw several PI Leaders from Home Office that I had met before.

The event lasted a day and a half. The first day was spent at Home Office, where the Leaders discussed how far along their hospitals are in implementing LDM and what challenges they are currently facing. The second day the attendees all came to Lake Point to see how we are utilizing Lean Daily Management to help improve hospital operations. It was very interesting to see how everyone had different ideas of what LDM should look like and that getting everyone on the same page was a bit of a struggle at times.

Overall it was a great learning experience and I am looking forward to seeing how LDM continues to be utilized in Tenet hospitals going forward.


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Rotations at Sunnyvale: Recap

After finishing up some time at Sunnyvale and having completed several departmental rotations, I have met a lot of wonderful new people and have gained a lot of new knowledge from them!

During my time at Sunnyvale I had the opportunity to shadow Sterile Processing, Materials Management, Pharmacy, the ED, Med/Surge, Lab, and Patient Access. At Sunnyvale both Sterile Processing and the Pharmacy are outsourced to vendors outside of the hospital. This setup is unlike most other Tenet hospitals, so it was a great opportunity for me to learn about outsourced services and how they operate within hospitals.

Since my rotations were only a day long at most, I was able to see quite a few departments, some of which I haven’t even rotated through at Lake Pointe yet! Being able to see the same departments at different hospitals has also been very interesting for me. Although they often function quite similarly, sometimes one hospital may do things a little bit differently. One way may not necessarily be better than another, but understanding multiple points of view can ultimately help hospitals in the same market to collectively resolve problems and challenges.

By rotating through multiple departments I was also able to spend a lot of time learning about the transition to Tenet since the acquisition. Many employees mentioned that they did not feel much change yet, but that they were happy to be part of Tenet now. Others noted the increase in volumes since Sunnyvale was acquired and how great it has been to be able to provide care to more community members.

As the transition continues to develop for Sunnyvale, more changes will undoubtedly develop as well. I’m excited to see how the hospital grows and changes over time!


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Competitive Paper

One component of my residency is to complete a competitive paper during the fall semester. During the first semester of my MBA, my classmates and I were also responsible for writing and completing a paper on a healthcare topic. This time around we are responsible for completing a paper on healthcare management. With so many different initiatives going on in healthcare, there are many topics to choose from!

If our original papers could be expanded upon to meet this critera it is possible to resubmit that paper with additions and alterations. My original paper was on the ability to utilize Customer Relationship Management systems to manage primary care referrals. I didn’t think that there was much more for me to expand upon, so I decided to start from scratch.

One of the biggest challenges I have in beginning to write a paper is in deciding what I want to learn more about and what  I want to spend time researching. The process of actually choosing a topic and finding articles to support my paper is typically the most time consuming and difficult part of the process for me!

After spending time researching I have ultimately decided to write about the collection of Personal Health Records that are available on the consumer market. With patient engagement becoming increasingly important, finding a PHR that can efficiently, easily, and reliably allow patients to access their health information is essential. Despite this necessity, the current market of PHRs has no set standards for what information they should contain or what capabilities they should have.

I’m hoping to learn more about the topic as I continue to research and draft my paper. One thing I have certainly learned from this process is that it is much more difficult to find the time to write a paper while working than while in school! I’ll be happy to have it completed and submitted soon!


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Travel Plans!!

Prior to coming to Baylor I lived in Orlando, Florida. Last year I was able to make the trip back to Orlando in October to celebrate an early Halloween and to enjoy one of my favorite times of year in Florida. Taking part in Orlando’s festivities for Halloween had become a tradition of mine while living there, so I was very excited to have the opportunity to go.

I was not planning on taking time off to travel during my residency, but after hearing that several of my college friends would be in town, I decided that I couldn’t miss out and that I wanted to keep my tradition going!

Although I do not have any set PTO as a part of my residency, I’m lucky to have a wonderful preceptor who is very welcoming and understanding. Needless to say, I have his approval to go and have been busy making travel plans since! I will be leaving taking two days off to have an extra long weekend together with my friends. It’s still a little less than two months away, but I am thrilled that I’ll be able to spend Halloween in Orlando this year.

So far our plans are to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, visit Universal Studios to see the new Harry Potter Expansion, catch up with friends, and see some of my sorority sisters who are still at my college! I am already looking forward to it and know it will be a wonderful trip.


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Hospital Rotations at Sunnyvale

Now that the holiday weekend is over it’s back to my residency! For the next two weeks I will be spending some time doing rotations at Sunnyvale rather than at Lake Pointe.

Tenet recently acquired Texas Regional Medical Center: Sunnyvale. Since beginning my residency I have had the opportunity to learn a little about the hospital and to see how their initial transition to Tenet has developed.

Now that it’s been a few more months, changes are slowly being rolled out at Sunnyvale. The hospital’s patient access department has been transitioned to Tenet’s vendor, Confier. In addition to this, Sunnyvale employees have begun to work more closely with other Dallas Tenet Hospitals in sharing resources including employees and supplies.

Although early changes have occurred, there are still many more changes to come! The hospital is not currently on Cerner, which is Tenet’s EHR. Other departments also use different software programs from what Tenet hospitals traditionally use. I’m excited to have the opportunity to spend some one-on-one time in different departments at Sunnyvale to learn about how they are adapting to being part of Tenet and to understanding their culture and how they may do things a bit differently.

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Labor Day Weekend

It’s a holiday weekend! I think the best thing about long weekends is that I have a little extra time to relax and get caught up on chores.

This weekend I’m planning on spending most of my time at home. I recently adopted a dog (who is adorable, but a lot of work!) and am also going to be pet sitting for my fellow Administrative Resident for a few days. I’m hoping her pup will help to tire mine out!

This weekend I am also meeting with a representative from the organization that I am planning to begin volunteer with soon. The program (Youth Achievement Foundation) allows mentors to spend time and tutor disadvantaged students who are middle school and high school aged. I will be volunteering as a mentor and will meet with the enrolled students once a week for two hours.

Although I am getting busier with my residency, finding activities outside of work is important to me. I was always involved with organizations outside of school as a college student and am excited to get involved in my community again. I have never regretted spending my time volunteering with organizations that I believe had a great mission. I feel great about my upcoming experience!


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Showcase Training: Dell Training Center

This week I’ve had a fairly light week at my residency. I’ve been busy lately and needed a few days to catch up on project work, so it worked out well for me! In addition to having some down time to catch up on work, I also went to a training course for one of the programs that we use at Lake Pointe.

Tenet uses Dell for outsources its information systems. As such, training is done at a Dell Training Location. I had never been there before, so I wasn’t sure of what to expect.

After arriving to training I made my way to the building I was supposed to report to and found my contact person. While getting training set up, we talked about how Ross Perot still works at the location and comes to work every day at 8am. I didn’t realize that he still worked there and enjoyed being able to see some of his memorabilia and honorary degrees that lined the building’s hallways. To my surprise, I ended up having the pleasure of briefly meeting Mr. Perot while on the elevator! I’d say it was a pretty neat training experience.

The training session helped me to learn how I can pull queries of information. I haven’t worked much with the finance office at Lake Pointe, but now that I’ve gone through Showcase training, I may be able to help run some reports!

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