Text Mining/Analysis

  • AntConc – a freeware corpus analysis toolkit for concordancing and text analysis. Tutorial
  • Voyant – a web based tool for text mining and text analysis. Voyant supports text uploaded as plain text, HTML, XML, Word documents, RTF, or PDF. Tutorial
  • R – a language with a library specifically designed for highly flexible text mining and analysis. Tutorial; Cheatsheets
  • MALLET – a command-line tool for Topic Modeling.
  • SameDiff– compares two or more text files and tells you how similar or different they are.
  • Natural Language Toolkit – a platform for text mining and analysis with the programing language Python. We suggest using with Juptyer notebooks and Anaconda. Tutorial
  • NVivo – a program for qualitative data analysis with some features for text analysis and social media data analysis. Available to Baylor faculty and staff in the Baylor AppCenter.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • Google My Maps – allows you to create custom markers (including text, images and videos) on top of Google maps. Tutorial
  • Carto – a powerful web based GIS tool with a robust free option.
  • Palladio – a tool designed with Humanists in mind. Allows you to visualize and map data imported via .csv file. Tutorial
  • Story Maps – a convenient tool for integrating maps and a narrative.
  • ArcGIS – the industry standard for professional GIS work. Available on select computers in the library, see a DS Librarian for more information.
  • QGIS – a free, open source alternative to ArcGIS.

Data Visualization

  • RAW – a free, web based tool for generating a variety of visualizations from spreadsheets.
  • Tableau Public – a free version of a powerful tool for data analysis and visualization.

Social Networks & Network Analysis

  • Next Analytics – a application designed to pull data from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Analytics, YouTube, Facebook Ads, Adwords and Bing Ads, and make it available in spreadsheet format. Paid tool with a free option.
  • Gephi – sometimes described as the “photoshop of graphs”, it offers a wide range of options for creating visualizations of networks. Available as a free download. Tutorial
  • Node XL – a free template for Excel. Allows you to pull data from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, emails, and more and visualize the resulting network. Tutorial

Image Analysis

  • ImagePlot – a free macro for the open source program ImageJ, it allows for the analysis and visualization of images by hue, brightness, and saturation. Tutorial

Scholarly Web Publishing

  • Omeka – a web publishing platform for creating digital exhibitions.
  • Scalar – a free, open source, semantic web authoring tool designed for scholarly use.

Timelines & Infographics

  • TimelineJS – easy-to-make, beautiful timelines.
  • Tiki Toki – web-based software for creating beautiful interactive timelines that you can share on the internet.
  • Canva – intuitive web-based tool for creating beautiful infographics

Data Cleaning

  • OpenRefine  a powerful tool for working with messy data: clean it, transform its format, and extend it with web services and external data.
  • Tabula – a tool for extracting data tables from PDFs and transforming them in CSV files
  • Name Changer – rename a large number of tiles quickly and easily (Mac only)

Visualization Studio

The Visualization Studio houses our 20x4 foot, high resolution VizWall and is located in the Graduate Research Center. It offers undergraduate, graduate, and faculty researchers and presenters a platform to pursue scholarship in new ways.

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