Frances G. Spencer Collection of American Popular Sheet Music & Black Gospel Music Restoration Project: A Comparison

Amanda Harlan presented at the Music Library Association Annual Meeting, Wednesday, March 24th. She did a comparison of the metadata workflow between two major digital music collections at Baylor University: the Frances G. Spencer Collection of American Popular Sheet Music and the Black Gospel Music Restoration Project. She wanted to show the similarities and differences that an audio collection has with a sheet music collection. The presentation covers four main points: 1. What type of staff does the metadata creation work and how are they trained; 2. What legacy metadata is re-used and enhanced in the project; 3. What technologies and systems are used for the metadata creation and quality control processes; and 4. What metadata formats are involved and how the selection was made?

Link to Presentation:

I think we all have our ministries, but gospel music is such a compelling ministry, because souls don’t come in cultures Lea Gilmore

  1. Sharonsky,
    You are right when you say it is not 30,000 titles. In the presentation the actual number up was rounded up to 30,000 for a cleaner number for the presentation. Thanks for the compliment about the collection, because it is definitely an amazing and unique collection!

    Amanda Harlan

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