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Jan 28

As a result of the preservation work of the Black Gospel Music Restoration Project, these recordings are presented here free for personal, non-commercial use as a contribution to education and scholarship. Baylor University does not own the rights in this collection and therefore cannot grant or deny permission to distribute material in this collection. It is the user’s obligation to determine and satisfy copyright or other use restrictions when publishing or otherwise distributing music from the BGMRP.

If you have any more information about the music available from the Black Gospel Music Restoration Project, or if you are the copyright owner and believe this collection has not properly attributed your work to you or has used it without permission, we want to hear from you. Please use the BGMRP Interest/Comment form to get in contact with the project staff, including your contact information and a link to the relevant content.

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  1. Evan Mayo
    3:10 pm - 2-7-2010

    Hi my name is Evan Mayo, I am the developer of a software title called The Complete Motown Software, which took a number of years to develop. It is a compendium of the history of Motown music/artist/labels/recordings. During that development time I had also collected a number of obscure albums. One of which I think might be of interest.

    Rev. Columbus Mann – He Satisfies Me – Wingate Records WG-701

    Family Prayer
    Love The Father Has For Me
    He Satisfies Me/I Can’t Sit Down
    Amen Amen/Just Believe (Salvation is Free)
    Oh Joshua
    It’s Worth It All
    Joy Bells

    This album was recorded after his Motown recordings and the only LP recorded on the Ed Wingate’s Wingate label. Ed’s other labels such as Ric-Tic, Golden World – each only produced a singular LP. And their J&W label producing none.

    Back to the initial matter. Would it be possible to “LOAN” the LP to Baylor so that you could record the music and add to the BGMRP collection? Wanting to loan and not donate, because it was a rare find, and obscure LP valued at over $200. the LP and cover is clean and had not been played by me since acquiring over 2 years ago (not wanting to risk damage or wear).

    Please let me know, I am emptying my collection on eBay shortly.
    Evan Mayo
    Charlotte, NC

  2. Daniel
    5:12 am - 10-8-2010

    The Frances G. Spencer Collection of American Sheet Music and The Royce-Darden Collection seem to be very impressive music collections.

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