Winter Music in Display Case

Visit Crouch and take a look at our display of winter sheet music from the Spencer Collection.


03. December 2014 by Ben Johansen
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Christmas music unlimited!

No matter what style or era you are looking for, we’ve got recordings to get you in the Christmas spirit.  In addition to the hundreds of CDs available for check-out, we’ve got lots more online (Baylor network log-in required).  You’ll find links to a variety of  playlists all wrapped up and waiting for you at  Enjoy!

02. December 2014 by Clayton
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Graphic Notation Exhibit in Crouch August-September

We are displaying scores involving graphic notation in Crouch’s case August through September (Moody Library 3rd Floor).

Here is a list of the scores in the display case:

  1. Coloring-book for the harpist (1972) by Yehuda Yannay
  2. Quartet no. 3 for strings and electronic tape (1971) by Leon Kirchner
  3. Projection 1 for solo cello (1962) by Mortan Feldman
  4. Fur Music (c. 1971) by Nelson Howe in “Source: music of the avante garde”
  5. Seasons for 4 or 2 percussion players and tape (1988) by Tōru Takemitsu
  6. Studies for trumpet and computer (1975) by Dexter Morrill
  7. Aria for voice (1960) by John Cage
  8. Symphony No.48 (1969) by Dick Higgins
  9. Paths 2 for solo percussion (1970) by Jack McKenzie
  10. December 1952 (1952) by Earle Brown
  11. Pacific Sirens for tape with timpani + (1992) by Robert Erickson
  12. Treatise (1963-1970) by Cornelius Cardew
  13. Liaisons for vibraphone (c. 1961) by Roman Haubenstock-Ramati
  14. Telemusik No. 20 for electronics (1969) by Karlheinz Stockhausen
  15. Imagery for marimba (c.1970) by Minao Shibata

07. August 2014 by Ben Johansen
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New iMacs in the META lab!

We have brand new, lightening-fast iMacs in the META lab! Go to the Crouch website for more information about software installed on these new machines.


06. June 2014 by Ben Johansen
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new iMacs!


3 new iMacs have replaced the mac mini’s near the Crouch Circulation Desk.

The biggest news is that all three iMacs have most of the same software available in the META lab a few feet away (they will not have Pyware) INCLUDING MIDI keyboards for use with programs like Finale and GarageBand.

… the iMacs in the META lab will be upgraded very soon as well :)!


22. April 2014 by Ben Johansen
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Exhibit Case Arrives

We have another new piece of equipment to crow about!  This beautiful, museum-quality exhibit case that has been provided through the generosity of the Baylor University Women’s Association of Houston.

We will use this case, which has a much taller display area than the old one, to display treasures from our Special Collections and works of visual art.  What would you like to see?  Suggestions are welcome.

new CFAL exhibit case

26. August 2013 by Clayton
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New CD Shelving Unit

The CFAL staff is excited about receiving this new compact shelving unit.  We have some of these for videos, but this is the first for CDs.  It will provide some much-needed growth space for our ever-expanding collection of recordings.  Over the next few days, we will be moving and reconfiguring the entire CD collection, but should still be able to retrieve any that you request.

new compact shelving for CDs

01. August 2013 by Clayton
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Come get lost in the book of Kells….


Mari Eckstein Gower’s beguiling creation Lost in the Book of Kells graces the Crouch Fine Arts display case through the remainder of summer 2013. Drawing inspiration from the original Book of Kells (8th century illuminated manuscript), Gower fascinates with intricate patterns, imaginative creatures and poetic verse.

14. July 2013 by alisonlarson
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New Electronic Resource!

Art and Architecture in Video provides a collection of documentaries and interviews illustrating the history, theory and practice of art, design and architecture. Find it under the E-resources tab from the Baylor Libraries homepage.


22. June 2013 by alisonlarson
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ARTstor Travel Awards!!

The ARTstor Travel Awards are back and they are now open to undergraduate students! This year the theme is cities: their histories and development, their depictions in art and documentation, their architecture, their ruins, their governments, their peoples, their myths.

Create an ARTstor image group or groups and a single essay of 500 words or less that creatively introduces us to a city or cities we did not know or reveals an intriguing aspect of the cities we do know. Five winners— college and graduate students, scholars, curators, educators, and librarians in any field—will receive $1,500 each to help support travel-related educational and scholarly activities. Winning essays and other selected submissions will be published on the ARTstor Blog, ARTstor website, and via our social media channels. Deadline: Friday, May 17.

21. April 2013 by alisonlarson
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