Summertime! A great time to review emergency procedures!

Summer is a GREAT time to spend reviewing emergency procedures.  We are thankful we don’t have more emergencies, but that also means we can easily forget what to do.  New office locations and new staff/students are excellent reasons to re-acquaint everyone with the processes.  Here are some suggestions to stay prepared.

  • schedule a time for your dept/unit to walk through the steps for procedures in case of tornado and fire
  • individually read through the procedures and walk through the paths to safety and exits
  • incorporate emergency training into new staff and student orientations

Emergency procedures are online:  Library Emergency Procedures

If you have any questions, please contact:


Change to “Give Away” shelves

On Moody Garden Level at the bottom of the stairs, there is a long shelf that has been used for books that we offer to the community for free.  We will be changing the current arrangement and moving a smaller bookcase against the wall for our new “give away” shelves.


  • Ramona McKeown (collection development) is in charge of adding books and managing these shelves.
  • Only books or other formats that have gone through her area should be placed on these shelves.  Why?  Because we have to process the items that are not picked up and cannot staff a distribution center for all the materials that people are trying to “recycle”.

Thank you!

New document posted – Onboarding New Faculty – Orientation Guidelines for Supervisors and Guidelines for Mentors

Several of us worked on a document this summer to capture general guidelines for bringing new faculty members on board in the Baylor Libraries. The lists may also provide a useful starting point for new staff or student worker employees. The document, “Onboarding New Faculty – Orientation Guidelines for Supervisors and Guidelines for Mentors,” is available at

Libraries home page | Intranet | Policies and Procedures


Library Van Use Policy – NEW

Library Van Use Policy


The library van is scheduled by Access Services. Access Services will have first priority for van use. Use by other units will have to fit within times when the van is not scheduled for use by Access Services. Furthermore, the library van is not available for out-of-town trips.


Access Services needs reliable access to the van on a daily basis for OsoFast delivery to downtown locations, frequent trips to O’Grady, and other deliveries to locations which are not accessible with the golf cart. The age and condition of the van have also been a consideration in making this change.


Request use of the library van through Outlook. Access Services will only approve requests which are for local use and for times when the van is not reserved for Access Services.

For other in-town van needs, contact the Administrative Office. A van from other groups on campus with vans may be available.

For out-of-town trips or other transportation needs that cannot be met with University-owned vehicles, contact the Administrative Office to arrange for a rental from Enterprise. Note that this expense will need to be approved in advance as a travel expense.


Effective 21 Feb 2011, Amended 1 Nov 2012

Distribution of literature

At some time this morning someone put hundreds of business card-sized advertisements for an upcoming concert on tables around Moody and Jones.  There were also some post card-sized fliers for two other events on tables on the Garden Level. We do NOT allow distribution of advertisements like this. It creates a mess and makes the Library a magnet for other advertising. We have three bulletin boards where fliers for university-sponsored events that are open to the entire community may be posted after approval by the facilities office.

If you see someone distributing fliers you are expected to stop them and send them to speak with Sherry, Beth, or Jeff. Please make sure that students who staff service points are aware of this policy as well.

Maintenance of Public Printers

Ken pulled together the following summary of printer maintenance responsibilities, which is consistent with procedures we put into place in 2006, but clarifies roles:

Public service points will ensure that paper and toner are replaced in the public printers closest to them. Other maintenance and repair issues will be reported to the HELP Desk for handling.

Here is a break-down of the responsibilities by service group:

  • Circ Desk staff — printers on Moody 1st floor, including the elevator lobby.
  • Periodicals staff (day shift) — printers on Moody 2nd floor, including the Prichard Quiet Study Commons
  • Security staff (night/weekend) – printers on Moody 2nd floor (paper only), including the Prichard Quiet Study Commons.
  • Reference & Library Instruction staff — printers on Jones 1st and 2nd.
  • Tech Point students — printers on Moody Garden
  • Crouch staff — printers on Moody 3rd
  • DMS staff — printers in G32

New Lost and Found Policies and Procedures

Ken has assembled a new policy and procedures document for handling of “lost and found” items. All Central Library staff need to know these procedures.

Found items should be routed to Access Services immediately when found. Access Services will take care of contacting the owner.

Please do not stick items in a drawer, under a counter, or in any other temporary holding place. Unless it is impossible to do so, please take items to the Moody Foyer Welcome Desk right away.

Prepared for Wintry Weather

There is a possibility of winter weather in the Waco area tonight (Thursday, 12/3) and tomorrow (Friday, 12/4). Just in case the weather gets particularly bad, we’ve updated the Inclement Weather Policy and Procedures for the Central Libraries. This document provides instructions for staff who may be called upon to close the library. Access Services and Library Security Staff in particular should review the document. It is available from:

Library Home Page | About Us | Info for Staff | Policies and Procedures | Winter Weather Policy and Procedures.

To go directly to the document, visit and bookmark

In the event of wintry weather, please monitor the Baylor web site ( and local TV and radio stations for any announcements.