AirBear support enhanced at TechPoint desk

When clients or library personnel experience problems with connections to the AirBear wireless network, there are a couple things that could be causing the problem. There could be a problem with the network access point, or there might be a problem with the wireless device itself (an outdated driver for the wireless card, for example). Please refer library clients to the TechPoint desk in the Moody Study Commons (Garden Level) as the first stop for Airbear configuration assistance at any time we are open. You might be interested to know that David Burns has added two student workers to the TechPoint staff to provide advanced Airbear support on Sunday – Thursday evenings. These students have received specialized training by the ITS repair shop to fix problems the regular student workers at the TechPoint desk might not have been able to solve. This service supplements the advanced support available at the ITS shop during regular business hours.

If a wireless device has recently been updated by TechPoint or ITS and the client is still having trouble, or if more than one person is having network problems in the same area, please report the problem to the HELP line. There may be a problem with the access point.