Digital signage update

Tim Logan recently sent the following message, which may be of interest to others in the Central Libraries. I am sharing this with Tim’s permission:

As you know, we have been looking at digital signage solutions for campus. Staff from ITS and the Electronic Library have been investigating options and systems. The team took a close look at [one vendor’s] new product, and while it has lots of possibilities, there may be other products that will work well. The ITS and EL staff will continue to look at options for digital signage, with the goal of developing a recommendation early in the summer.

Since we’re not quite ready to select a campus-wide digital signage solution at this time, we won’t be making purchases of equipment (LCD displays and installation) until next fiscal year. In the interim, please keep thinking about where and how digital signage might be used in your library. We’re hoping to make the University Libraries a showcase of effective use of digital signage for other campus users to see and emulate.

I can tell you that I received lots of creative ideas for signage in the Central Libraries. Feel free to send other ideas, and I’ll add them to the list I’m keeping. – Jeff