Blackboard TV Tutorial Playlist

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Coming May 2013- SP 11 Update & New Features!

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Tips for Faculty: Blackboard Test Troubleshooting Tips

If your students are having trouble taking tests in Blackboard, here are some useful hints.

First, have them revisit the Browser Guide and go through ALL 3 STEPS. This will ensure that they are using a supported browser, that their browser is setup correctly, and that they have Java installed.

Additionally, recommend that they use a hard line internet connection whenever possible. This will reduce the chance that their internet connection gets dropped during the test.

Lastly, if they see a pop-up window to run Java (see example below) at the beginning of the test, make sure that they always say “Yes”. They should also check the box indicated to always perform this action within Blackboard, so it won’t keep asking them on that computer.

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Tips for Faculty: Embedding Media from 3rd Party Sites (Mashups)

Blackboard allows you to embed media obtained from other websites. Click the link below on Mashups to learn how!

Mashups Description and FAQs

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Tips for Faculty: Standards and Goal Setting

The new standards tool set enables direct editing, creation, alignment, and reporting on standards, objectives or goals. In addition to direct editing, you can import standards via XML data files. You can also measure student performance against standards taught, providing greater visibility into the achievement of learning outcomes. Items stored in Content Management collections can also be aligned with standards, making it easy to discover the content you need.

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Tips for Students: Taking a Mobile Test

Ever wish you weren’t stuck to your desktop computer when taking an online exam? You aren’t anymore! Blackboard Mobile gives you access to some exams on your cell phone or tablet, giving you the flexibility you need. Available on both iOS and Android devices. Watch this video to learn how!

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Tips for Faculty: Setting Course Themes

In addition to the new Default Theme, there are over 50 other professionally designed themes to choose from. You can match your course to your subject, color preference, or current mood. To change the theme of a course, go to the control panel or the Quick Setup guide and select your theme from the drop down menu, as described below. 

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Tips for Faculty: Creating Mobile Compatible Tests

Who says test-taking (and making) can’t be fun? Professors can now create mobile-compatible tests in Blackboard Learn. View the video below to find out how!

For more information, take a look at Blackboard’s Faculty Guide to Mobile Tests. View the guide here:

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Tip for Students: Multiple Test Attempts

Blackboard allows students to take resubmit a test after completing the examination. In order to do this, follow these steps:

  1. Locate and select the Test link in the course
  2. Select Begin
  3. If you have already attempted the test, the following screen will be displayed
  4. Select “Take this test again” link to start another attempt
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Feature #2: Learning Modules

Blackboard Learn allows professors to organize lessons and course material in an indexed module. The table of contents can guide students through your learning content in whichever fashion you desire.

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